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Simplified E-Commerce

Our goal at Vextras was to provide a solution that is easy to use with no manual data entry required. How do we do this? Vextras taps directly into your suppliers’ product data, gathering information and metadata about the products that are sold your website. This import process can happen automatically or on-demand, depending on your particular e-commerce needs. The information synchronized will give store owners a deeper understanding of how products change and any updates that you need to take note of.

  • Add product content dynamically
  • Identify new and obsolete products
  • Automatically update pricing and inventory

Automated Pricing, Inventory and Content

There are many advantages to having an automated product management system. Since the data is kept up-to-date, the system can automatically apply any pricing or inventory changes, without requiring manual intervention. If you have an online store with a huge variety of items, having automated updates can save tremendous time and effort. Vextras can create a feed for each of your suppliers, allowing you to get a global picture of market trends, as well as giving you plenty of information that you can use to create SEO-friendly product data on your site.

  • Merge raw supplier data to create SEO friendly content
  • Aggregate the best pricing and stock available
  • Have confidence merchandise listings are correct
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Sync, Filter & Update

What makes Vextras such a powerful and useful tool is its flexibility and adaptability to changing information. Not only can you use product identifiers as dynamic data variables, but you can also filter the information coming in from the suppliers, controlling what information is added or excluded from your database. Once you’ve tailored the system to your particular needs, you can easily add, edit and remove products from your website with the click of a button.

  • Retrieve real-time supplier data automatically or on-demand
  • Stage and review products before they are published
  • Identify products that are on your site, but not available in your warehouses

Flexible Pricing Rules

Our system also allows you to set pricing rules, which automatically adjust and update prices on your store and sales channels. You can set these rules to work off of any data variable in your database, whether it’s quantity on hand or supplier pricing changes.

So if you’re tired of having to do your product management manually on creaky old software that was never designed to handle the volumes of information that you have, sign up for a free trial of our next-gen product management platform. It will change the way you run your business.

  • Fast and easy creation of product pricing rules
  • Leverage real-time supplier data to establish product pricing
  • Adjust any rule in a few clicks and push to your website
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