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Get real-time alerts on new orders, workflows, order updates, app activity and more with our Slack integration
Vextras Slack Integration

Instantly make your workday more productive

Vextras connects your e-commerce store to Slack and broadcasts vital activities as they happen. Now, you can deliver alerts on new orders, status updates, app events and workflow triggers to any channel. This integration is perfect for remote teams who have an online shop and need to tie it in with the rest of their Slack communications.

  • Communicate online activity to the rest of your business
  • Choose what store events your team is notified about
  • Stay in the loop with essential activities from anywhere

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Allow your team to work smarter & faster

Integrate Slack with your e-commerce store and see the pulse of your business in real-time

Instant, comprehensive search

Locate information quickly from your store’s order activity, comments, images, video and rich link summaries. Filter your results by recency, relevancy, person, and more.

Tie everything together

Use Slack with your e-commerce store and have a bird’s eye view of everything going on in your company.

Knowledge that helps your team

Use Slack’s channels feature to promote an open office environment. Feed information to channels that are critical to your business activities.

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Be less busy

“This Slack thing y'all have done rocks! It's like a Twitter feed for my business.”

— Sean M.,