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Last updated on October 4, 2016


Our Slack integration brings team communication to a whole new level. Now, everyone you give access can see what’s going on with your web store as it happens in Slack.

  • Get alerts to new orders and status updates
  • See app activities as they happen
    • Groove – webhook calls
    • Highrise – add or update customers, adding notes about orders
    • MailChimp – add or update subscribers, adding of e-commerce360 data, campaign unsubscribes, conversions
    • Maropost – add or update subscribers
    • Xero – add or update customers, add/void/delete invoices
    • Zapier – webhook calls
  • View workflow events
    • sends
    • opens
    • clicks
    • conversions


  • 3dcart, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce or Volusion shopping carts
  • Vextras account
  • Slack account


  1. Login to your Vextras dashboard
  2. Confirm your store is active and configured correctly
  3. Navigate to the ‘Apps’ tab
  4. Click ‘Add New App’
  5. Choose Slack
  6. Authenticate & grant access to your Slack account with Vextras
  7. Link your store with the Vextras Slack App
  8. Choose which Slack channel you want to receive updates in
  9. Change your ‘Bot Name’ to a name you prefer
  10. Toggle on or off which events are broadcast (apps, orders and/or workflows)
  11. Save
Installation Demo

Overview Dashboard

The overview dashboard will show a summary of the app’s event activity. Each widget shows the total count of events that have occurred during the last seven days.

vextras slack app dashboard overview

  • Status – whether the app integration is on or off
  • Updates Sent – number of times an event was triggered into the selected Slack channel


Choose the Slack channel where you want order activity, store updates and app notifications to be sent. You can also choose a custom botname that your team will recognize.

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