Deliver Information When it Matters the Most

Simple, powerful e-mail messaging workflows that drive sales and keep customers informed
Vextras Messaging Workflows

Automate your sales funnel

Our e-mail messaging workflows have created an additional $33,690,807 in sales for our customers
Vextras Abandoned Cart Workflows

Abandoned Carts

When customers add items to their shopping cart but don’t check out, send messages that entice them to come back and complete their purchase.

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Custom Workflows


Tap into API mappings for the shopping carts we support and create custom workflows for your store.

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Abandoned Cart Workflows

Customer Retention

Create automated messages to send at any time interval. They’re perfect for prompting reorders and reconnecting with your customers.

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Customer Rewards Workflows

Customer Rewards

Reward your most loyal and frequent shoppers. Drive additional sales and strengthen customer relationships.

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First-Time Buyers Workflows

First-Time Buyers

Send timely, targeted e-mails to customers who place an order on your website for the very first time.

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Invoice Workflows


Replace default invoice e-mails with templates customized to fit your company’s branding.

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Order Update Workflows

Order Updates

Automatically alert your customers when order statuses change. Trigger for backorders, pending shipments, and more.

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Product Reviews Workflows

Product Reviews

Request product reviews, educate new customers and drive organic search traffic to your site.

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Product Purchased Workflows

Product Triggers

Generate e-mail messages when certain products are purchased. Send instructions, proofs, automated reminders, and more.

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Why Workflows?

Target your customers at the perfect time with e-commerce related content that’s meaningful. Our messaging workflows have a direct connection with your store’s API, with access to hundreds of customer, product, and order related merge variables – far more advanced than any traditional e-mail service provider. Automatically inject product images, names, quantities, prices and much more which allow you to create content that’s laser-focused to every customer you need to reach.

  • Dynamically populate product images and content
  • Pull relevant customer, product and order data from your store’s API
  • Use hundreds of merge variables to personalize messaging
Vextras workflows e-mail builder
Create a new Vextras workflow

Simple set up

With our step-by-step rule builder, getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. Toggle settings, create your message, confirm and that’s it. When a rule meets the criteria you’ve set, we’ll send a message automatically to your customers.

  • Flexible trigger actions
  • Fine tune messaging with product filters
  • Set delays and drips

Personalized messaging

Design your own HTML templates or use our starter templates to get going in no time. Customize your store’s e-mail messaging to include order numbers, product photos, stock statuses, product details and much more. Canned e-mails are now a thing of the past! Take your customer messaging to the next level.

  • Simple, effective starter templates
  • Powerful merge variables
  • Utilize dynamic data to personalize content
Vextras workflows e-mail builder
Vextras workflows dashboard

Send and measure

Once a workflow triggers, we track everything including sends, opens, clicks and conversions. We also automatically apply Google Analytics UTM tracking parameters so that you can keep all of your site’s reporting in sync. Best of all, you’ll be able to see how workflows are performing in almost real-time.

  • Automatic Google Analytics UTM tracking
  • Review sends, opens, clicks and conversions
  • Monitor event activities in real-time

Customer messaging made simple

“We are saving 5 to 6 hours a day using your e-mail messaging workflows.”

— Josh H.,