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All About Workflows – Vextras March Recap

Kyle Hungate • April 4, 2016

In March, we concentrated on making our workflows better. Most notably, with abandoned carts and customer rewards. We added a new “drip” campaign function for abandoned carts and put in new customer reward types to help target your customers even better. We also took some time to improve the logic behind the abandoned cart system as a whole to eliminate any false triggers. Here’s some more detail into what we worked on.

Abandoned cart “drips”

Now, you can create a series of emails i.e. “drips”, to target customers who abandon their shopping carts before checkout. If a user completes a transaction on any of the drip sequences, we’ll clear out the remaining drips (if there are any), so they won’t trigger again. Using drips is a great way to further automate your marketing strategy with customers and non-customers. Example use cases might be multiple triggers set for 1 day, 3 days and 5 days.

Vextras abandoned cart drips

New customer reward trigger types

Customer reward workflows are a great way to get your VIP customers back to your store. Now, you can create rules when certain criteria are met, and send messages automatically. New reward types include:

  1. “Total Spent (Average)” – we’ll do all the math behind the scenes here, just choose a qualifier (>, < or =) and put in a value
  2. “Total Spent (One Order)” – pretty straight forward, if someone orders something that meets the criteria you set, we’ll fire off a message
  3. “Product Count Is” – ever wanted to reward someone who has order one of your products a certain number of times? Here’s your ticket.

Vextras customer reward triggers

Looking for an updated workflow template?

We provide a basic template for the workflows we support. These are great to get going quickly, but we know we’re not winning any design awards with them. If you’re needing a fresh update for your templates, check out Themeforest’s email template collection or check out a full-service option like Mailbakery.

Themeforest is mainly for users who are comfortable working with HTML and CSS, but many templates provide simple drag and drop editors as well. We’re constantly impressed with their selection, plus most templates are less than $25. If you want a service that will take a more customized approach to your needs, something like Mailbakery may be a better option. Their team can craft a design that meets your business needs.

Please note, we’re not affiliated with Mailbakery or Themeforest. We use Themeforest for our own purposes, and have heard good things about Mailbakery (but not used ourselves). 

Reminder about upcoming Mandrill changes

If you haven’t merged your Mandrill account with MailChimp, please do it soon. As announced, users will be required to merge their MailChimp and Mandrill accounts into one by April 24, 2016. Please note, no modifications are necessary inside of Vextras as a result of their updates.

What’s up in April?

The next few months are shaping up to be an exciting time for us. We have several projects in the works that we believe will help shape the future of our company. With that said, our new features may be a little slower to come out than we’d like, but rest assured we’re working hard to bring you a better product.

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