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Vextras 7.3 is Now Live

Kyle Hungate • March 5, 2018

This release marks a significant improvement to our platform, especially when creating or customizing email templates. We realized that our previous WYSIWYG editor wasn’t quite where it needed to be, and we focused on making it a better user experience from start to finish. In addition to the revamp, there have been several new features added to help you get the most out of Vextras.

Revamped Email Workflow Editor

We understand the need to quickly manage your email templates and the headache that comes along with a system that’s difficult to use. Our old editor wasn’t the greatest, and in 7.3, you can easily create new HTML email templates and modify existing ones.
Vextras Email Editor
With our new editor, you can customize emails with order numbers, photos, and product details, and finally get it all set up to deliver on a schedule that you define. Once the email is delivered, Vextras will continue providing you with rich metrics so you can visualize how the workflows are performing.

Real-Time Cart Views

Imagine if you could look into your customer’s shopping bags while they shop. That could be a game changer in gauging the activity of your shoppers, not only after they’ve finished shopping, but also while they’re on your site.
Abandoned Cart Contents Vextras

With Vextras 7.3, you can do just that inside of abandoned cart workflows. You’re able to see what your customers are adding to their carts, and you no longer have to wait until after they place an order to see where they’re focusing on during the shopping lifecycle. These features have been added to give you even greater insight into your customer’s shopping habits.

Other Features
  • We’ve added the ability to filter customer segments in Shopify based on customer tags.
  • You can now force resync your customer metrics to get a more accurate idea of customer data.
  • Custom “send to” workflow messages now are tracked in the stats.
  • We’ve enabled users to filter in segments for the customer subscriber status (yes or no).
Minor Tweaks
  • Fixed a Volusion issue with anonymous customer retention messages not being flushed that had duplicate email addresses.
  • We’ve made various UI enhancements including better design and visuals around sub-menus and loading sequences.
  • We cleaned up stats in the dashboard to not reflect order information for “negative” order statuses such as canceled, returned, etc.
  • Improved Shopify searching capabilities in the orders area.
  • Fixed the customer segment “or” statement logic.
  • Fixed a bug with WooCommerce not returning the right quantity on the order detail page.
  • Added dozens of new WooCommerce merge variables for workflows.
  • When creating a custom workflow, you’ll now see “friendly” merge variable names instead of the API names. For example “customer_ID_Customers_Groups” is now shown as “Customer Group.”

We hope that these new features and adjustments to Vextras make your experience with us even better. Thank you to all who have submitted feedback. We look forward to continuing our efforts to make Vextras an even more powerful and a useful tool for your online retailing success.

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