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Vextras 6.2 Now Live

Kyle Hungate • July 21, 2016

Today we’re happy to announce a major upgrade to our platform, Vextras 6.2. 6.2 is the first step in a long-range plan to bring you deeper insight into your customers and overall business activities.

We’ve managed e-commerce stores ourselves for a long time, and we know how frustrating it can be when you don’t have all the information you need to make sound business decisions. Who’s our best customers? How many new customers did we add this week? What was our order activity like yesterday, last week, last year? Where are packages in transit? Just to name a few.

There are many metrics to review and measure that need to be accessible – quickly. It may be possible to find this information with custom reporting or in various 3rd party tools, but why not have it all in one place? Our ultimate goal is to provide all of that information to you in Vextras. Version 6.2 is now the starting point for these efforts.

Order details

First up, you’ll find our new orders area in the main navigation. In there, you can see a quick overview of order activity and have the ability to drill down into individual order details.
Vextras Order Overview
When you click on an order number, you’ll get a quick overview of any customer, how many times they’ve ordered and a map of their shipping location on Google Maps. Below that are order details where there’s a direct link to the products ordered, pricing and more.
Vextras Order Details

Add tracking information on workflow messages

Volusion customers can now add in tracking information and provide shipping details in an automated email to your customers. All you’ll need to do is create a new order update workflow, use the new merge var *|shipment_tracking|* in your template, add content and you’re all set. We plan on rolling out support for tracking in other platforms in future releases.
Vextras Volusion Tracking Information

Other updates/tweaks

  • Control Slack app notifications – toggle how events are broadcast for apps, orders, and workflows
  • Updated review merge var *|item_review_url|* to go to the actual review page, and not the product page.
  • Automatic WooCommerce plugin updates – notifications for our Woo users when there’s a plugin update. First though, you’ll want to download our latest plugin to initiate.
  • Order feed filters for situations where you only want order data to be sent when an order is “Shipped” or “Completed”. Right now, this is only available for Volusion stores.
  • UI/UX improvements – we moved around various menu items and made some minor cosmetic updates.
  • Added automatic Google Analytics UTM tracking to all workflows

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