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Kyle Hungate • July 9, 2020

It’s hard for us to believe that Vextras has been in business for almost a decade. Originally developed as a tool to help with our own e-commerce projects, Vextras has grown in ways we could never have imagined.

It’s humbling to reflect on how our software has evolved to be a powerful integration and marketing tool for our clients. To date, we’ve processed over $8 billion worth of transactions through our platform, and our automated messaging tools alone have created $32 million in conversions for our customers.

Since we made the first code push, we’ve felt for a long time that our core software offering of Vextras needed to evolve in order to become more marketable and valuable to our e-commerce clients.

Starting today, all of Vextras’ core software will be migrating to a new brand, Cartmojo. Cartmojo will continue offering a similar suite of tools and services that our users have grown to love, but with even more features to help online retailers achieve even greater success. You’ll still have full access to your account with Cartmojo, and this transition will be gradual. As you continue using our platform, you’ll begin to notice more branding for Cartmojo. But don’t worry, Vextras won’t be going away. Vextras will be shifting its focus to other areas of custom development, and we’ll do our best to keep you notified of changes as we continue with the transition. Here’s a brief overview of a few of the changes that are planned for the near future.

As of August 10, 2020, our base subscription will change to a new level of $20 a month and include 50 orders. Previously, a subscription base of $9 was our lowest tier and included 30 orders. Our other tiers covering more than 50 orders will stay in line with pricing at their current levels, with some adjustments varying by volume. Also, any legacy pricing plans that have not been migrated to our auto-scale pricing will be retired on renewal in January 2021.

While we’re not able to continue offering unlimited email messaging, all subscriptions will automatically include 5,000 messages, at no charge. For those who need more than 5,000 messages, this service will be billed at rates comparable to other providers.

Limiting free messages allows us to implement a host of new features. In the past, it’s been infrequent for any of our users to exceed 5,000 messages using automated messaging.

App Integrations:
Starting out, we relied heavily on integrating third-party apps into our platform. However, over time we’ve come to recognize that this is not an ideal way for us to continue growing and moving forward, as it’s common for third-party tools to evolve away from our core focus. For customers that currently do have active integrations with their accounts, you will continue to have that functionality. However, our future vision requires that we build out our in-house offerings so that we can continue providing the streamlined, consistent experience that our users have come to rely on.

In addition, we’re very excited about the following new items that we look forward to rolling out very soon.

On-Demand Messaging:
On-demand messaging is particularly exciting as it will allow store owners to tailor and group messages to customers based on various data sets. For example, data points that will be available are messaging by zip code, date and time of past purchases, and cart totals, and much more. Each of these by itself offers exciting possibilities, but combining and refining data makes on-demand messaging an even more intriguing prospect. Using our logic builder, you can tailor and customize your messaging in ways never before imagined. If you have specific business goals in mind for your marketing, on-demand messaging is the tool to help you reach and exceed those goals.

Streamlined Email Builder:
Paired with data-driven messaging is a full overhaul of our current email builder. The new email interface will be modern with drag-and-drop dynamic merge tags, and the ability to implement photos, and custom fonts and colors, all while still working with existing templates and custom coded layouts.

Design Refresh:
As we transition from Vextras to Cartmojo, you’ll see a full refresh of our user experience on the back-end interface as well as a faster, more dynamic front-end framework that will provide real-time data updates throughout the app. Our already powerful toolset will become even more streamlined, simplified, and valuable to every user.

While we know there may be questions as we move forward, we’re very excited about the added value we’ll be able to bring to our user-base by implementing these new features. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

The Vextras/Cartmojo Team

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