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How To Setup The Vextras Zapier App

Kyle Hungate • December 21, 2015

Connect your web store with hundreds of cloud apps using our Zapier app. Eliminate tedious tasks by automating data feeds with software you already use to run your business. Follow this simple how-to guide and to get connected in just a few minutes.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Login to your Vextras account
  2. Confirm your store is connected
  3. Click the ‘Add New’ in the bottom left corner
  4. Select ‘Add New App’
  5. Choose Zapier
  6. Copy the API key e.g. zapier_FH23BGNHR62XYMJPN6FJB594WX4SBRT257VSP
  7. Login to your Zapier dashboard
  8. Create a new ‘Zap’
  9. In the ‘Choose a Trigger Service’, search for Vextras
  10. Once found, Select the ‘New Order’ or ‘Order Update’ trigger with the appropriate e-commerce platform e.g. New Volusion Order
  11. Choose your ‘Action’ service e.g. Asana, Geckoboard, Zendesk, etc.
  12. Set your preferences with the chosen ‘Action’ service
  13. Hit ‘Continue’ button
  14. Paste in your Vextras API key
  15. Continue to set parameters for the ‘Action’ service that you have selected and complete the zap
Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will “zaps” occur?
Vextras transfers the information over to Zapier in real-time. Depending on the subscription plan at Zapier, data will flow at the interval supported with your plan.

I see multiple fields for the same meta values, which one works?
You may see multiple values for things like order_id, order_api_OrderID, order_api_sOrderID – they all will work in your zaps. We’re working to clean this up.

I see “Legacy” zaps, what are these?
These are for users who currently use the Zapier app on our legacy platform. If you had an account with us before 10/23/15, and haven’t migrated to our new platform you will need to use this zap. If you’re unsure what version of Vextras you’re running, just drop us a note.

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