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Say Hello To Smart Coupons

Kyle Hungate • May 27, 2020

It’s no secret that sending coupons to your customers can help drive sales. But, what if you need more control who receives them? How often can they be used, time limits, and what previous purchases qualify for them? Today, we’re pleased to announce the addition of Smart Coupons into our messaging workflows that gives you this incredible power with minimal effort.

Smart Coupons give you the control you need to trigger messages at the right time with the logic that stays in line with your business goals. With this new tool, you can automatically generate unique codes for all kinds of situations. For example, offer free shipping on products purchased or provide a discount when a customer buys something that exceeds a certain amount. Also, you can send messages to a segment of customers, set usage limits, and start/end dates for when coupon codes are valid.

Each code generated through our Smart Coupons workflow is unique. From a marketing perspective, this is especially powerful because you’ll be able to dial in precisely who needs to receive the coupon. Maybe reward your best customers, run flash sales, or promote the incentive to purchase complementary products. Not to mention with Smart Coupons, you’ll guard against outdated coupon situations that could cause a negative business impact.

Setting up your first Smart Coupon workflow is easy. Once you are logged into your Vextras account, click Messaging -> Automated -> Smart Coupons. From there, follow the steps to create a coupon using our rule builder.

Using the builder, you can control what order status the coupon sends on, the discount type, usage limits, start/end dates, and much more. Once those parameters are set, modify the copy on our pre-built templates, and we take care of the rest. When the next order occurs, we’ll send your message to the recipient automatically with a dynamically generated coupon just for them. It’s easy as that.

We hope you’ll love the functionality behind Smart Coupons as much as we do. Right now, this feature is live for Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce users. Let us know if you need any help getting started.

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