This Month at Vextras: More Workflows Love Icon

This Month at Vextras: More Workflows Love

Kyle Hungate • May 5, 2016

April was somewhat of a light month for us in terms of adding new features. We spent a good bit of our time shoring up loose ends with our infrastructure and we also started working on a large internal project. However, we did manage to slide in some cool workflow features in our 6.1.3 release.

Customer sending filters

We added a toggle for situations where users need control over when customers receive workflow messages – sending to all customers, or only those who have opted in.

For example, let’s say you want to use an order status update workflow to send out receipts for orders, versus using a canned one that your shopping cart provides. Now, even if your customer opts out from a newsletter subscription, you’re still able to send them important notifications.

Workflow sending filters


In customer reward workflows, we added a new trigger for a buy one get one scenario or “BOGO”. For example, say your store sells coffee and maybe you want to introduce a program where for every nine 1lb. dark roast bags bought, the customer can get the 10th one for free.

Once the criteria are met, we’ll automatically trigger a message to your customer containing the incentive. There’s really no limit on the number of rules you can create and it’s a great way to build customer loyalty.

Buy One Get One

New customer reward types for custom workflows

If you have a situation where none of our standard workflows can do what you need out of the box, custom workflows are an awesome way to improve your messaging. With custom workflows, you can create a combination of any criteria to trigger a message to your customers. To provide more versatility, we added new trigger mappings on these workflows for “Customer Has Spent” and “Customer Order Count”.

Vextras Custom Workflows


Minor updates

In 6.1.3, we made some smaller updates and minor tweaks across our platform. You can check these out in more detail on our changelog page.

Mandrill changes

As previously announced, Mandrill has been merged under the MailChimp umbrella and now requires a paid subscription to use the service. If you’re already using Vextras’ workflows (or any legacy Boomerang rules) you’ve probably heard from us a few times about the transition. If you still haven’t made the necessary changes or have questions please contact MailChimp support.

A look ahead in May

For last several weeks, we’ve been busy working on our 6.1.4 release, and it should be wrapping up shortly. To be honest, there aren’t many groundbreaking features in this release, mostly just bug fixes and database optimizations.

Beyond 6.1.4 is a little up in the air for us right now. As mentioned in our previous post, the project we took on in April will continue development into July, which will slow down our release schedule. Please stay tuned for more product updates, and as always if you have any feedback for us don’t hesitate to reach out!

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