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Customer Rewards Workflows

Reward your most loyal and frequent shoppers. Drive additional sales and strengthen customer relationships.
Vextras Customer Reward Workflows

Perks for your VIP’s

Give your best customers exclusive access to promotions, added rewards or coupons. Set criteria based on a variety of factors like total spent, buy one get one, average purchase size and much more. When triggered, your email message will be sent automatically.

  • Reward your best customers and drive sales
  • Trigger timely messages when a reward criteria is met
  • Add unlimited rules for important customer milestones

Get Started

Deliver more than your customers expect

Entice your most important shoppers to buy again

Target your most loyal customers

Easily trigger messages to your best customers who purchase most often from your store.

Market with key metrics

Trigger messages when sales and order goals are met or use frequency of purchases in a time range.

Simple setup

Our intuitive rule builder will allow you to create powerful workflows in just a few clicks.

Powerful merge variables

Personalize your emails with order dates, customer names, order statuses and much more.

Check out the docs

View the latest how-to’s and documentation for these workflows so you can get going in no time.

Dynamic product snippets

Automatically generate product images, names, prices and descriptions in your messages on the fly.

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Customer messaging made simple

“We are saving 5 to 6 hours a day using your e-mail messaging workflows.”

— Josh H.,