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Customer Retention Workflows

Create automated messages to send on any time interval. Great for prompting reorders and reconnecting with your customers.
Vextras Customer Retention Workflows

Drive repeat business

Trigger emails that encourage customers to come back to your store and buy again. Customer retention workflows are perfect for subscription based businesses or merchants who sell consumables. Create rules for any interval. We’ll then schedule the message to send in the future based upon the criteria you’ve set.

  • Create automated win-back emails – 30, 60, 90 days etc.
  • If a customer purchases again, your workflow automatically restarts
  • Re-engage your best customers with incentives

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Follow up with precision

Contact your customers at times when they are most likely to buy again

Grab easy wins

Easily target customers who have bought products or services with limited lifespans.

Smart customer management

Fill up your sales funnel by creating workflow rules that touch customers at the perfect time.

Unlimited rules

Create any number of retention rules to trigger at times needed for your products and services.

Powerful merge variables

Personalize your emails with order dates, customer names, order statuses and much more.

Check out the docs

View the latest how-tos and documentation for these workflows so you can get going in no time.

Dynamic product snippets

Automatically generate product images, names, and descriptions in your messages on the fly.

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Customer messaging made simple

“We are saving 5 to 6 hours a day using your e-mail messaging workflows.”

— Josh H.,