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Custom Workflows

Tap into API mappings for the shopping carts we support and create any type of "if this, then do that" messaging solution for your store.
Vextras Custom Workflows

If this, then do that…

Every online business is different. Trigger email messages when customers of a certain group checkout, transactions occur in a geographic location or when orders go from one order status to another. Create workflow rules that cater to your store’s processes and be more efficient.

  • Use for custom backorder notifications, internal messages and more
  • Focus on specific customer groups, order statuses, and/or purchase amounts
  • Add any combination of values and filters to initiate a message

Get Started

Ultimate messaging flexibility

Create custom workflows that make running your online store a breeze

Automate communications

Craft any custom messaging rules you need to connect with your customers or staff to streamline tedious processes.

Customize everything

Design your own HTML templates, insert product details and add customer information in a flash.

Unlimited workflow rules

Create any number of workflows to trigger for product information that customers need to know.

Powerful merge variables

Personalize your emails with order dates, product skus, prices, customer names, order statuses and more.

Check out the docs

View the latest how-to’s and documentation for custom workflows to help you get going in no time.

Dynamic product snippets

Automatically generate product images, names, prices and descriptions in your messages on the fly.

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Automatic, personalized messaging

“I’ve been using workflows for a few years now, they're super easy to set up and there are tons of options to personalize for your specific needs. They keep me in touch with my customers without having to think about it and provide great customer service on a small budget.”

— Jessica R.,