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Abandoned Cart Workflows

Send targeted messages that entice customers to come back to your store when they add items to their shopping cart, but don't complete the checkout.
Vextras Abandoned Cart Workflows

Recover lost sales

Online shoppers have interruptions just like everyone else. Studies show that up to 68% of your website visitors abandon their shopping carts. Now, you can trigger personalized email messages that remind your customers to come back and complete a transaction in your store. Choose a time delay before an email sends, personalize the content, and create rules for specific products.

  • Capture any email address at checkout
  • Automatically inject cart details
  • Create a series of drip messages or one-time reminders

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Expert control

Decide when messages trigger with our advanced rule settings for abandoned cart workflows. Send out emails when specific products are left, trigger for new customers only, and control how often messages are sent out. Arrive in your customer’s inbox under any advanced scenario you want to create.

  • Trigger only when certain products are abandoned
  • Send emails for carts that are at or below specific amounts
  • Only send messages within specified time frames

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Vextras advanced abandoned cart rules

Your scrappy, full-time salesperson

Win back lost sales with personalized messages that arrive at the perfect time

Control the sales funnel

Send a series of drip emails to win back shoppers at various times – anytime after a cart is abandoned.

Flexible product rules

Send abandoned cart messages for each cart that doesn’t complete a checkout, or only trigger emails when specific products are present.

Grab lost sales

Life gets in the way sometimes. Give your prospective customers the opportunity to finish the checkouts they started.

Get any shopper’s attention

Our unique tracking technologies will capture any email address as it’s typed. Trigger messages to customers and non-customers.

Check out the docs

View the latest how-to’s and documentation for these workflows so you can get going in no time.

Dynamic product snippets

Automatically generate product images, names, prices, and descriptions within your messages on the fly.

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Customer messaging made simple

“We are saving 5 to 6 hours a day using your e-mail messaging workflows.”

— Josh H., camformulas.com