Meet Our Newest Messaging Workflow – Order Verifications Icon

Meet Our Newest Messaging Workflow – Order Verifications

Kyle Hungate • March 24, 2020

With respect to events occurring worldwide, we continue our mission in developing new features that will help your online business during these challenging times and beyond. Today, we’re excited to share our latest messaging capabilities – Order Verifications.

We understand that a transaction isn’t the end of the journey, and store owners may want to take a proactive approach with customer communication after checkout. With our new order verification messaging tools, you can let customers know that their order is on hold or alert staff about potentially invalid orders.

Why Does Order Verification Matter?

Not every order placed in your store is valid. Fraud is something every retailer must watch out for. Undoubtedly, bad actors will make these transactions on your site, costing your business time, money, and effort. Also, shoppers can make simple mistakes. Customers may accidentally order too many products, select the wrong item, or change their minds after the fact. When building long-term customer relationships, it’s essential to address these issues in the least disruptive way.

Also, several trackable factors can indicate that an order is suspicious and needs to be verified. Shoppers could place an order for an unusual quantity, or there may be a mismatch in the customer’s shipping and billing addresses. Other examples include when a customer makes repeat transactions at a higher frequency than average or a cart total that seems higher than usual. In any case, it could be fraud or a mistake by the customer, and you’ll want to check in with the customer before shipping any products. By utilizing our new order verification messaging workflows, you can maintain a peace of mind that we’ve got your back.

How Do Order Verifications Work?

Vextras’ new order verification messaging feature lets you send automated order validation and verification messages internally to staff (any email address) or customers. These messages can be customized using and an array of logic. Examples include price and quantity triggers, addresses mismatches, and when repeat transactions occur during a certain period.

To make setup hassle-free, there is a selection of default email templates to pick from for each rule you create in Vextras. You can, of course, customize the email templates any way you’d like to ensure consistency with your branding. Our rule wizard is simple to set up and allows you to create as many triggers as you need. Whenever an order meets the criteria that you set, our messaging system will send an email to your customer or staff.

For example, let’s say one of your clients buys one unit of your product each week. This week, however, they put in an order for ten units. In this situation, we could trigger an order verification messaging right away to sniff out the possible error by your client. Your customer will then receive an email asking them to confirm their order before you proceed with it. The system works the same way but in reverse for internal communications. The system will flag anything it sees as out-of-the-ordinary in your order before forwarding it to staff or those that are in charge of shipping products out. With this automated extra layer of communication, you can ensure order accuracy for you and everyone else involved.

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