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How To Setup The Vextras Xero App

Kyle Hungate • December 13, 2015

Integrate your shopping cart with Xero accounting software in just a few clicks. Send sales, tax and inventory data instantly. With our Xero integration, your online sales can now stay in sync with the rest of your business.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Login to your Vextras account
  2. Confirm your store is connected
  3. Click the ‘Add New’ in the bottom left corner
  4. Select ‘Add New App’
  5. Choose ‘Xero’
  6. Authenticate to Xero
  7. Select the organization you want to use
  8. Mandatory: Create at least one taxable and one non-taxable rule
  9. Optional: Change the default invoice status in the ‘Settings’ tab
  10. Optional: Change the default invoice due date in the ‘Settings’ tab
  11. Optional: Set inventory mappings ‘Inventory’ tab
  12. Save any changes and you’re done!
More Information

When a transaction occurs in your store, you’ll see a snapshot of what’s going on with the integration in the ‘Overview’ section of the app e.g. invoices created, contacts updated and inventory items added.

Vextras Xero App Overview

If you want to see information about individual orders, check out the activity details in the ‘Logs’ area.

Vextras Xero App Logs Example

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries does your Xero app support?

Currently, we support the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Why isn’t data showing up in Xero?

Most likely it’s because the mandatory tax rules aren’t set up. You must create at least one taxable rule and non-taxable rule in Vextras, or API submissions to Xero will fail.

For taxable rules, create a rule in the “Taxes” area for any state you remit sales tax in. You can create as many rules as necessary, even down to any zip code (United States only).

For non-taxable situations, map a Xero chart of account that is relevant. In most cases, you’ll only have one rule mapped from Vextras to Xero with something like “Out of State Sales” or something similar.

Known Xero API Limitations
  • If you operate multiple storefronts in Vextras, you cannot connect each store to the same Xero “organization”. However, you can have multiple organizations in one Xero account. In other words, you must have one organization for each store.
  • If your product names exceed 50 characters, invoices and inventory items cannot be created. Thus, the submission to Xero will fail.
  • If your store encounters heavy order volumes, Xero may rate limit your store’s API submissions. Thus, real-time data feeds will not occur. We will retry them until they are pushed through successfully.

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