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How To Reset Your Volusion API (XSD File Removal)

Kyle Hungate • February 18, 2014

If custom fields are used in your Volusion store, you will need to reset the API when they are modified. This includes situations where you create, update or delete fields for customers or orders. If modified, the API connection will break. As a result, Vextras (or any other 3rd party service) will be unable process data while it’s broken.

The good news is that a resolution is simple, and all that is required is FTP access to your store. Once accessed, delete two files (which will eventually be regenerated) and your API will resume normal functionality.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Log into your Volusion store’s SFTP using a software app like Filezilla or Transmit
  2. With the SFTP user (make sure you have root “/” access, along with read/write privileges)
  3. Got to the /vspfiles/schema/directory
  4. Delete any files named “orders.xsd” & “customers.xsd”
  5. Navigate to the /vspfiles/schema/Generic directory
  6. Delete any files named “orders.xsd” & “customers.xsd”
  7. Done!
Frequently Asked Questions

How long was I was down?
Your API connection will break when any custom field is modified. You can view your app logs for the last successful submission.

Did I miss any app data?
Data will not flow to your apps when an API is broken. However, when your API is reset, we’ll pick up where things left off so you don’t miss a thing. Please note, MailChimp campaign tracking will not be captured because it relies on a real-time connection to pass.

Are my workflows still getting sent?

Any queued workflow job will trigger as normal. Unfortunately, when an API is broken we are unable to process new workflow events.

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