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Vextras Account Information

Last updated on June 11, 2018


Create an account with us by adding your name and email address. You don’t need to furnish a credit card on sign-up. Upon account creation, you will be sent a verification email to the address registered.

Free Trial

You will receive a free trial for 30 days. After the trial is over, pricing is based on the number of orders that flow through your store each month. Please note, we cannot extend trials or allow a store to have trials more than once.



Adding a store in Vextras is required to get started with any of our services. Setup differs with each e-commerce platform we support, and in most cases, it should only take a few minutes to complete. You may have multiple stores on one account.

Here are step-by-step installation instructions for each provider we work with:

Managing Multiple Stores

Multiple stores are allowed in Vextras. To establish an additional store, follow the above instructions for the e-commerce platform that is being installed. Once installed, navigate between stores by clicking the stacked three-line icon in the top right corner.


The dashboard includes various metrics that compile after your account is created. To get the most out of these views, activate the Google Analytics integration with e-commerce tracking enabled.

Dashboard Widgets

  • Income – total income for the current month
  • Orders – total number of orders for the current month
  • Products – total number of products counted from your store’s API. Stores with more than a million products will be shown as a general number, i.e., 1M+
  • Visits – the number of overall visits to your store as calculated by Google Analytics (Google Analytics integration must be activated)
  • Orders – simple graph of order volumes over the last seven calendar days
  • Stats – running total of order and revenues for your store
  • Connection Details – an overview for your store’s connection with Vextras and a count of apps and workflows activated
  • Top Sellers – the top-selling products in your store in the last 90 days.
  • Visitors – key search metrics to your site as compiled by Google Analytics over the last 90 days (Google Analytics integration must be activated).
  • Top Referrals – top referral sources as compiled by Google Analytics over the last 90 days (Google Analytics integration must be activated).
  • Top Search Terms – top search terms as compiled by Google Analytics over the last 90 days (Google Analytics integration must be activated).

More Dashboard Information

  • Stats are calculated on 30-day intervals unless otherwise noted
  • Product counts are tied directly to your store’s API and may include variations of the product (depending on the shopping cart being used). For example, if you think you have 100 products but you have three colors of each product, the product count may render 300.
  • At this time, widgets can’t be customized or moved around.
  • If you have e-commerce tracking enabled and metrics like top sellers, search terms aren’t showing; it’s because there have been no sales in your store for the last 30 days.

The connection tab will vary for each e-commerce provider we support. In most cases, it will contain vital information that allows us to communicate with your store. Please review documentation as necessary for your store’s platform, and only update if required.


Settings for any store that you connect will be available after setup.

  • Store information –  contact details for your store, this is required for CAN-SPAM compliance if you want to use any of our workflows
    • Company
    • Street
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Zip
    • Phone
    • Country
    • Logo (optional) – If entered, your company logo will appear on any workflow e-mail template designed with a logo placeholder. For best results, use a size of 510 x 120px.
  • Social links – attach your social links to any of our workflow e-mail templates. When added, the URL’s will automatically link to your social profiles.
  • Opt-in preferences (WooCommerce only) – displays options for the opt-in feature, its location, and text to show at checkout
  • Locale settings – set your country and currency
  • Sync historical data – After initial setup, Vextras stores order and customer details on new transactions only. If you would like to capture all sales in your store, you may sync everything by clicking “Sync Historical Data” button. Please note, by initiating the sync process, you may be subject to extra bandwidth fees from your e-commerce or hosting provider.
  • Google Analytics integration – enable Google Analytics to display key metrics in your store’s dashboard and track workflow stats.


Activating app integrations is designed to automate the transfer of information from your e-commerce store to any app we support. Each app is unique with how they are set up, but any can be initiated by selecting the ‘+ Add New’ button on the bottom left corner of your account dashboard. From there, choose the ‘App’ card and follow install instructions for each app:


Customer Overview

For each transaction that occurs, we’ll include relevant customer information in your Vextras dashboard. Under each customer, view order history, average purchase frequency, workflow activities and more.

Vextras customer view

Updating Workflow Opt-In Preferences

  • You may unsubscribe or resubscribe a customer to/from your mailing list by clicking the drop-down icon found on the customer card. Customers are also able to one-click unsubscribe from any workflow message that is sent from Vextras.

unsubscribe customer Vextras

Customer Profile Information

  • If a customer requests information about data that is stored at Vextras, a store owner may send their profile information to them securely.
  • Using the drop-down in the customer card, click on “Send Profile Information.”
  • Once submitted, a secure link will be generated and sent to the email address on file. For privacy reasons, this link will expire after 15 minutes or after it’s clicked – whichever happens first.
  • Once accessed, customers can modify their subscription preferences and export personal data (in accordance with GDPR legislation).
  • If an erasure request is requested by a customer, please delete the customer in your store first, then contact us to remove any additional information from our platform.
    • As providers evolve with API endpoints that support deletions, we will provide more automated methods to delete these users.

Customer Segments

The customer segmentation feature allows store owners to identify customers on virtually any type of transaction criteria. On account creation, we include the default segments of Amazon, New Customers, Ordered Within 60 Days and VIP Customers – these can be edited or deleted at any time. Please note, an order sync is required to obtain all customer, order and product information.

Vextras Segments

Creating Custom Segments

Creating a segment is quick and easy. After creating a new segment, customer information will auto-update each time a transaction occurs (if the customer meets criteria set).

  1. Click “Add New”
  2. Add “Segment”
  3. Assign your new segment a name
  4. Add criteria
  5. Click “Next” to see results
  6. Click “Save” to save segments to your list (optional)

Custom Segment Criteria

Create any combination of rule criteria with the logic builder provided. Qualifiers such as greater than, less than, equal to, contains, does not contain, etc. will be displayed on selection of specific criteria.

  • Average order total
  • Average purchase frequency
  • Bill to city
  • Bill to company
  • Bill to country
  • Bill to state
  • Bill to street
  • Bill to zip
  • Customer group
  • Email
  • Last order date
  • Number of canceled orders
  • Number of orders
  • Order status
  • Phone number
  • Order total (single order)
  • Phone number
  • Private notes
  • Product category
  • Product code or SKU
  • Product manufacturer
  • Product name
  • Product price
  • Product quantity
  • Product tag
  • Product URL
  • Ship to city
  • Ship to company
  • Ship to country
  • Ship to state
  • Ship to street
  • Ship to zip
  • Total spent (all orders)


Get quick access to order details in your Vextras dashboard. See products purchased, pricing, quantities and maps to the shipping location on the order. For some stores, you can also add tracking information about the shipment.

Order detail view Vextras

Customer Information

  • Customer ID – links to customer metrics
  • Order Count – links to all customer orders
  • Company information
  • Send messages directly to a customer if they have opted in

Order Information

  • Order ID
  • Order status
  • Order date and timestamp
  • Last order update and timestamp
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address

Google Map

  • Displays shipping address

Order Details

  • Product picture (if available)
  • Product name with link
  • Product short description
  • Cost and quantity ordered


  • Add tracking numbers (3dcart, Bigcommerce, Shopify and Volusion platforms only)

Order Summary

  • Shipping costs
  • Tax
  • Order total


This area will show a chronological timeline of events for the order lifecycle. This includes app triggers, workflow messages and order status updates.

Vextras order event timeline


Using our webhooks allow Vextras to notify other apps with real-time information. Choose from various order event types and post data to any URL.


Workflow e-mails are designed to deliver information to your customers based on their activities. Messages can be marketing or transactional, depending on the content sent.

Marketing workflows

Transactional workflows

CAN-SPAM Compliance

To use our workflows, you must add information including the name, address and other required profile data for CAN-SPAM compliance. To enter, go to the main ‘Store’ nav menu > ‘Settings’.

Manage Account

If you need to modify anything about your profile or billing information you can find relevant links under the main ‘Account’ navigation tab.


Billing Summary

The billing summary shows your current month’s billing charges. Real-time usage costs are displayed as each order occurs in your store. You may use the calculator to visualize how your price will change with more orders. Usage costs are reconciled every 30 days (after trial) and if you cancel your account.

Payment Method
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Any other payment methods are not supported.

Billing History
This includes monthly subscription charges, overages and any custom development work on your account.

Promotional Codes
Occasionally we may offer coupon codes for new or existing customers. If you would like to apply for a coupon credit, you may enter it on the ‘Account’ > ‘Billing’ page.


Add or update the account owner’s information including name, e-mail password and contact information.


Various account alerts will be sent to the marketing, billing and technical contacts. By default, the account owner is the point of contact for each type of notification, but these can be updated at any time.

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