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Order Verifications

Last updated on February 14, 2020


Stay proactive with orders that could be fraudulent or need special care. With order verification workflows, you can send messages to customers or staff when specific order criteria are met.


  1. Login to your Vextras account
  2. Click the ‘Add New’ in the bottom left corner
  3. Select ‘Add Workflow’
  4. Select ‘Transactional’
  5. Choose ‘Order Verification’
  6. In step 1, toggle desired settings
  7. In step 2, toggle any setting to trigger the workflow.
  8. On step 3, add email content
  9. In step 4, confirm settings and activate

Overview Dashboard

The overview dashboard will show stats for the chosen time period. It will also keep information from deleted rules.

  • Messages pending – count for pending e-mails that are scheduled to be sent
  • Messages sent – count for sent messages
  • Opens – number of times messages have been opened
  • Clicks – number of times messages have been clicked
  • Conversions – number of conversions resulting from this type of workflow
  • Revenue – total sales attributed to this type of workflow
  • Activity chart – weekly view of sent messages


  • Workflow name – the “friendly name” for your workflow, customers will not see this
  • Order Status – specify the order status type that the rule must qualify for in order to send a message.
  • Sending filter – send to all customers or to specified email addresses.
  • Send after (or Immediately) – time delay before a message is sent
  • Price trigger – set criteria for a rule to trigger if an order is below or above a certain order total.
  • Billing/Shipping Name Mismatch – If the billing and shipping names do not match, this can be used to trigger a message.
  • Large Quantity Request – set criteria for a rule to trigger if an order quantity is below or above a certain number.
  • Repeat Transactions – trigger a rule if the same customer has ordered multiple times in a specified time period.


The logs area of this workflow will display log events between specific date ranges.

  • Pending – shows messages that validated based on rule criteria and are scheduled to be sent
  • Sent – shows information about messages that have been sent as a result of meeting rule criteria
  • Conversions – displays relevant conversions as a result of a workflow message triggering

More Information

  • All shopping carts are supported with this workflow.

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