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Last updated on October 5, 2016


When customers submit tickets through Groove, our integration grabs information from your store automatically. We’ll load up everything related to a customer in your Groove sidebar. Information includes the shipping, billing address and links to previous orders in your store.


  • 3dcart, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce or Volusion shopping carts
  • Vextras account
  • Groove account
  • A Groove subscription that allows access to their 3rd party API’s


  1. Login to your Vextras dashboard
  2. Confirm your store is active and configured correctly
  3. Go to ‘Apps’
  4. Click ‘Add New App’
  5. Choose Groove
  6. Copy both the ‘HTML’ & ‘Webhook URL’ data to a clipboard
  7. Login to your Groove dashboard
  8. Choose the ‘Apps’ tab in the top left corner of Groove
  9. Select the ‘Custom Profile’ app
  10. Next, click the ‘Settings’ button in the Custom Profile app
  11. Paste in the HTML & Webhook URL copied in step 7 in their respective fields
  12. Save
Webhook URL

The webhook URL is automatically generated in Vextras when the Groove app is added. To render data properly while you are using Groove for ticket management, this webhook URL must be added to the custom profile.

Example Webhook URL

HTML Snippet

The HTML snippet renders data in the Groove sidebar. By default, it will include basic customer and order information. This snippet can be customized in any format to suit your business. A basic understanding of HTML and regular expressions is mandatory for customization.

Example HTML Snippet

<p> <strong>Customer Information</strong><br /> ID: {{view_customer_url}}<br /> {{order_billing_address_full_name}}<br /> {{order_billing_address_one_liner}}<br /> </p> {% if latest_order %} <p> <strong>Last Order Details</strong><br /> ID: #{{order_id}}<br /> Date: {{order_date}}<br /> Amount: ${{order_total}}<br /> Status: {{order_status}}<br /> </p> <p> <strong>Previous Orders</strong><br /> {{orders}}<br /> </p> {% endif %}

Installation Demo

Overview Dashboard

The overview dashboard will show a summary of the app’s event activity. Each widget shows the total count of events that have occurred during the last seven days.

vextras groove app dashboard overview

  • Status – whether the app integration is on or off
  • Webhooks called – how many times Groove has called Vextras to bring in order data for a support ticket

What’s Pushed to Groove

Contact Details
  • Customer ID
  • Name
  • Address
  • Country
Order Details
  • Last order ID
  • Last order date
  • Last order amount
  • Last order status
  • Previous 10 orders linkage


Event logs are generated in the Vextras Groove app log area for any successful (or failed) webhook. Each log will show a timestamp on when it happened and the email associated with the call.


  • Only one store can be connected to Groove at a time
  • 3dcart users are limited to order data that has been processed through the Vextras platform
    • A custom data pull of order data may be facilitated, contact us for more details

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