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Last updated on April 12, 2017


Send timely, targeted emails to customers who place an order in your shopping cart for the very first time. When a customer places an order, our system will verify that the customer has bought something for the first time & trigger any email that matches a workflow rule criteria.


  1. Login to your Vextras account
  2. Click the ‘Add New’ in the bottom left corner
  3. Select ‘Add Workflow’
  4. Select ‘Marketing’
  5. Choose ‘First-Time Buyer’
  6. In step 1, toggle desired settings
  7. In step 2, add the name, email and subject customers will see when the message arrives
  8. Select a template to use, or add content using the WYSIWYG editor
  9. In step 3, confirm settings and activate

Overview Dashboard

The overview dashboard will show all-time historical stats for the workflow, no matter if rules have been deleted.

  • Messages pending – count for pending e-mails that are scheduled to be sent
  • Messages sent – count for sent messages
  • Opens – number of times messages have been opened
  • Clicks – number of times messages have been clicked
  • Conversions – number of conversions resulting from this type of workflow
  • Revenue – total sales attributed to this type of workflow
  • Activity chart – weekly view of sent messages


  • Workflow name – the “friendly name” for your workflow, customers will not see this
  • Sending filter – send to all customers or only those who have opted in or registered in your store
  • Order status – select the order status that will trigger the rule
  • Products – Identify any or all SKU’s that will trigger a rule
    Send after – time delay before a message is sent


The logs area of this workflow will display log events between specific date ranges.

  • Pending – shows messages that validated based on rule criteria and are scheduled to be sent
  • Sent – shows information about messages that have been sent as a result of meeting rule criteria
  • Conversions – displays relevant conversions as a result of a workflow message triggering

More Information

  • First-time buyer workflows will trigger on any new customer purchase, regardless of when the workflow was activated in Vextras.
  • Our system will calculate the current order count based upon the customer’s email address. It doesn’t matter if they are anonymous/guest or are a registered customer account.
  • All shopping carts are supported with this workflow.

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