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Vextras Product Updates


Released 5/8/16

Release Notes

We spent most of our time in 6.1.4 fine tuning various parts of our platform, in other words, bug fixes.

New Features
  • Dynamic MailChimp opt-in toggle for WooCommerce
    • “Send All” – if you have this sending filter selected, the opt-in toggle will not show up at checkout. All customers will be sent to your MailChimp list, but we highly recommend sending a double opt-in message to prevent SPAM complaints.
    • “Send If Newsletter Subscriber Is Checked” – if you only want those subscribers who specifically opt-in on your MailChimp list, a toggle will be visible at checkout.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where users could go past 24 hours in workflows that allow hours
  • Allowed non-https url paths from Groove links
  • Improved abandoned cart logic – we tweaked how we register and queue abandoned carts. We were still seeing some odd behavior with customers getting abandoned cart emails, even after they had already checked out. We’ve added several new validation scenarios, that should prevent messages from being triggered after a purchase has been made.
  • Fixed issue where we weren’t sending a temporary password on sign-up (doh!)
  • Fixed visuals where install scripts were exceeding the container with in the UI
  • Fixed MailChimp ecommerce 360 timestamps to reflect the local user account timezone


Released 4/13/16

Release Notes

Our 6.1.3 release was primarily focused on back-end improvements, but we also managed to sprinkle in some new features for our workflows.

New Features
  • Added toggle when certain customers receive workflow messages – send all or only those who have opted in
  • Added a new trigger for Customer Reward workflows for a “buy one get one scenario” (beta)
  • Added new filter on Custom workflows for “Customer Has Spent” and “Customer Order Count”
  • Added support for New Zealand and Australia for our Xero app integration (beta)
Minor Tweaks
  • Updated Bigcommerce and MailChimp logos to reflect their current branding
  • Fixed incorrect merge var on Bigcommerce order status template
  • Fixed bug where the image wasn’t pulling with in Bigcommerce stores with products that had variations
  • Fixed bug where blank images showed up in rare situations on WooCommerce stores
  • Made our login screen a little less boring by bringing in random pictures from Unsplash
  • Fixed broken twitter feed on login screen


Released 3/17/16

Release Notes

In 6.1.2, we focused on improving the abandoned carts and workflows. Most specifically, users can now create a series of emails i.e. “drips” to target customers who abandon their shopping carts before they checkout. If a user purchases on one of the drip sequences, we’ll clear out the remaining drips (if there are any), so they don’t trigger again. In addition, we improved the logic with how conversions are awarded on all workflows.

New Features
  • Added abandoned cart “drips” e.g. 1 day, 3 day, 6 days etc.
  • Added export feature on all workflow and app logs
  • Added new workflow templates for all platforms – order status updates, first-time buyer rewards
Minor Tweaks
  • Added support for awarding the last workflow clicked to receive a workflow conversion
  • Fixed bug where typing in a “0” for delay time saved as 30 (doh!)
  • Fixed bug with workflow templates where beginning and ending body/html tags were at the top incorrectly (doh!)
  • Fixed various backend bugs and improved platform performance


Released 3/7/16

Release Notes

In this release, it was a barrage of new features added to our Customer Rewards workflows, and we also took a minute to improve the logic with our abandoned cart triggers.

New Features
  • Added “Total Spent (Average)” reward type
  • Added “Total Spent (One Order)” reward type
  • Added “Product Count Is” reward type
  • Changed up the naming convention for order count reward types, which is now “Order Count Is”
  • Added optional address and postal mapping for Xero invoice feeds. Now you can flip-flop how addresses come over for your contacts
Minor Tweaks
  • We added a few more layers of validation for abandoned carts. For some reason, we’ve had a few rogue emails fire when they shouldn’t, and we weren’t happy about it. You can run, but you can’t hide you few lines unruly code. We’ve added two more areas of validation (on the front-end and back-end) to prevent this from happening.
  • Renamed “Completed” workflow logs to “Sent”


Released 3/3/16

Release Notes

We’d like to welcome the good folks over at WooCommerce to Vextras!

New Features
  • Vextras now integrates with WooCommerce 2.5.3, running WordPress 4.4.2
  • Workflows – we added basic workflow templates for WooCommerce, 3dcart and Bigcommerce so you can get going in no time with workflows
  • Highrise app – you can tag Amazon orders inside of WooCommerce appropriately
  • MailChimp app – we added support for Volusion, 3dcart and WooCommerce checkouts to allow subscribers to be sent over to MailChimp even if they don’t create an account.
  • MailChimp app for (Bigcommerce only) – we put in a new sending filter that allows Bigcommerce stores to either “Send All” or “Send Only Registered Accounts”. Why you ask? Because Bigcommerce’s API doesn’t tell us whether a user is a newsletter subscriber or not. The good news is if a subscriber has previously unsubscribed from your list, they will not be added to MailChimp. We recommend enabling the double opt-in feature to prevent SPAM complaints. Also, another option is to enable the native Bigcommerce MailChimp integration (in tandem with ours) to ensure that only those customers who want to be put on to your list are added. That way, you’re getting ecommerce360 data from ours and subscriber data is accurate from Bigcommerce at checkout.
Minor Tweaks
  • Removed “Subscriber” Merge var for Bigcommerce stores
  • Fixed bug allowing abandoned carts to trigger longer than 14 days
  • Fixed small bug with log grids showing weird data


Released 2/12/16

New Features
  • We added a new setting for “test mode” emails under the Mandrill app. This was a request by users who wanted more control on where messages are sent while testing out a new workflow. The default email that is used will be the account owner, but it can be changed by going to Mandrill > Settings > Test Mode
  • In the logs area of each app and workflow, we added a date range picker so you can see events beyond the current week (default).
Minor Tweaks
  • We drastically improved the speed of our logs pages
  • Refreshed system notifications


Released 2/9/16

New Features
  • Basic workflow templates are now available!
    • Templates include merge variables to render customer and product data
    • Any template may be customized as necessary (color, branding and content)
    • Templates loaded for Abandoned Carts (Volusion only), Customer Retention, General Use, Product Triggers and Product Reviews
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed customer merge variable mapping issues with Bigcommerce
  • Fixed issue where Google Analytics app pulled account ID vs. the name in app overview screen
  • Fixed problem with store dashboards returning the wrong sales metrics


Released 1/25/16

Minor Tweaks
  • Cleaned up some of the cosmetics with various Workflow settings
  • Basic rule criteria can now be seen in workflow listings by click on the rule name
  • Removed the “Re-authenticate” button after a successful app connection occurred


Released 1/21/16

Any and All Product Filters

In almost all workflow types, you can choose to trigger messages when they include specific products (any) or set up rules to only qualify when all products are present. This was a doozy to get right, and we hope y’all get some goodness out of it.

“Was” Order Status

We implemented something called a custom “was” order status for custom workflows. Customers who used to use our old Boomerang app may remember this feature.

This is useful in situations where it’s important to only trigger a message when an order status “was” something in particular. For example, let’s say you have an order that is set to “backordered” currently. When the order becomes ready to ship, you could set it to “processing” and generate a message to the customer letting them know that it’s going to be shipping soon.

Other Tweaks
  • Put in a “test message” button when workflow is in test mode
  • Cleaned up some visuals with drop-downs and steppers
  • Fixed a few bugs with customer retention workflows
  • Fixed problem with snippets grabbing images for 3dcart
  • Fixed a pesky mapping error with
  • Updated abandoned cart, general and product review snippets