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Kyle Hungate • February 26, 2018


Release Notes

In Vextras 7.3 we focused on overhauling our workflow email editor. The previous WYSIWYG editor just wasn’t cutting it, and we spent time in this release revamping things from top to bottom. Also, we added some powerful new criteria logic in the customer segments.

New Features

  • Say hello to our revamped workflow editor – create or modify your templates with ease. If you have custom templates, they will populate just as they did previously.
  • See what products are loaded up in your shopper’s bags in real-time, as well as in the pending message queue of abandoned carts.
  • Added the ability to filter for customer tags for Shopify in customer segments.
  • Added capability to filter for customer groups (all platforms) in segments.
  • Added a button to “Force Resync” data in Stores > Settings area. In some situations, you may want to resync your data to get a more accurate picture of customer metrics.
  • Added filtering in segments for the customer subscriber status (yes or no).

Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Custom “send to” messages now are tracked in the workflow stats.
  • Fixed Volusion issue with anonymous customer retention messages not being flushed that had matching email addresses.
  • Various UI enhancements including better visuals around sub-menus and loading sequences.
  • Cleaned up stats in the dashboard to not reflect order information for “negative” order statuses such as canceled, returned, etc.
  • Improved Shopify searching capabilities in the orders area
  • Fixed the customer segment “or” statement logic
  • Fixed a bug with WooCommerce not returning the right quantity on the order detail page.
  • Added dozens of new WooCommerce merge variables for workflows
  • When creating a custom workflow, you’ll now see “friendly” merge variable names instead of the API names. For example “customer_ID_Customers_Groups” is now shown as “Customer Group.”

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