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Kyle Hungate • June 6, 2018


Release Notes

New Features

  • New Customer Profile Area – this feature allows customers to modify their subscription preferences and export personal data in accordance with GDPR legislation. You may send a link on-demand to your customer through the Vextras dashboard. If an erasure request is requested by a customer, please delete the customer in your store first, then contact us to remove the customer from our platform. As providers evolve with API endpoints that support deletions, we will provide more automated methods to delete these users.

Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug related to cut and paste in the workflow editor.
  • Various UI/UX enhancements related to the new customer preferences area.
  • Added the carrier type (UPS, FedEx) to the universal tracking number merge variable *|shipment_tracking|*. When used, it will display something like “UPS – 1Z9999999999999999”. Before, it showed only the tracking number.
  • Previously, the term “white-label” was used in reference to masking domains when sending from workflows; now this is known as “Sender Authentication.”

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