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Kyle Hungate • May 8, 2018


Release Notes

New Features

  • New Customer Workflows (Shopify) – automatically welcome new customers when they grab a new account in your store. This workflow will trigger an email anytime they sign up (without an order), or if they’re a first-time buyer. To activate, go to Add New > Workflow > Transactional > New Customers.
  • Updated Navigation – in preparation for future releases, we’ve changed up how our main navigation looks and feels. The main differences are with the orders, customers and segment menu items. These areas now can be found under the store drop-down.
  • Automatic 3dcart Data Sync – When 3dcart customers hook up their store in Vextras, we’ll automatically sync over all customer and order data. This will allow users to get going with our segmenting tools much faster.

Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs with our segmentation logic.
  • Updated the compatibility versions for our WooCommerce plugin.
  • Fixed receipts for Shopify users to show usage on their bills.
  • Updated copy to our terms and privacy policy in preparation for GDPR.

News & Updates

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