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Kyle Hungate • March 23, 2018


Release Notes

New Features

  • Abandoned cart workflows are now supported for BigCommerce.
  • Implemented advanced capabilities for IF/ELSE statement logic in our workflow templates. Now, you can control when merge variables are shown based on their values, e.g., <, > or =. A good use-case will be if you want to show discount amounts (or not) on our invoice workflows. We’ve also updated our boilerplate templates to do this out of the box.
  • Each week, we’ll deliver a summary of activity for your store in your inbox. From a high-level, visualize sales, app and workflow stats.

Tweaks & Bug Fixes

  • Navigation tweaks between customers when viewing segments
  • Various under the hood updates and UI/UX improvements
  • We fine-tuned how customer groups work in the custom workflow builder. Depending on your platform, we’ll now pull values make them selectable from a drop-down.

News & Updates

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