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Kyle Hungate • January 22, 2018


Release Notes

7.2.09 was a minor maintenance release to our core app, but also added some new filtering capabilities for workflows.

New Features

  • In the advanced rule criteria of workflows, we did away with the “New Customers Only” toggle and made things more flexible. Now, you can specify exactly how many orders the customer needs to have before a message sends. Of course, if you still want the only new customers to receive emails, just change the order count to one.
  • Now, you can manually exclude emails from receiving a workflow message. This can be done at the rule level, so customers can still receive any other workflow message you create; this is also found in the advanced rule criteria in the workflow wizard.
  • In addition to the new filtering features, we added a new “Blocked” tab in the workflow logs to make it easier to see when messages don’t go out for the criteria that were specified, e.g., don’t repeat, customer order counts, etc.


  • Improved the initial Shopify order sync process
  • When a successful subscription charge is captured, a receipt for the transaction will go out to the billing contact in your account profile.

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