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Vextras Product Updates



Release Notes

7.2.08 focused on improving data queries, page loads for various app views and introduced a new customer segment criteria.

New Features

  • Added a new customer segment filter to display customers who have an order in a specific status.


  • Put segment criteria in alphabetical order
  • Improved order and customer detail load times
  • Minor UI tweaks with navigation and content
  • Fixed stats bug on the main dashboard to reflect accurate increase or decrease in percentages
  • Added a fallback filter to the Zapier app to prevent “negative” order statuses from coming through as new orders



Release Notes

7.2.07 improved load times for customer segments, dashboard metrics and miscellaneous queries throughout the app.



Release Notes

7.2.06 targeted some minor cleanup on the backend and a few UI/UX enhancements.

New Features

  • Ability to download customer segment reports and email them to any address
  • New feature that allows multiple Shopify stores to be added to one account


  • Top sellers no longer depend on the Google Analytics integration to populate. Now you’ll see the top 5 performing products over 90 days.
  • Various UI/UX enhancements with graphing and customer views



Release Notes

7.2.05 was a medium-sized release that introduced several new features and a few UI enhancements.

New Features

  • Added capability to manually unsubscribe or resubscribe a customer to receive marketing-related email messages.
  • Added new advanced capabilities for most workflow types. Now, target customers based on being new customers only, limit the number of products visible on a message or trigger messages based on the cart totals.
  • Send a logs report to any email address (previously it only could go to the account admin)


  • Added to the capability to cruise through order details with some forward/back arrows.
  • Relocated all advanced filtering and triggers to the second step of the workflow wizard.



Release Notes

7.2.04 was a minor release to tackle more cleanup related to 7.2.


  • Updated segmentation queries to return more accurate results for various conditional logic
  • Updated install script to new, faster, shinier CDN
  • Fixed 3dCart syncing bug
  • Fixed problem with store linkage for BigCommerce users in the Vextras admin area



Release Notes

7.2.03 was a minor group of updates to follow-up the 7.2 launch.


  • Modified how internal notifcations triggered automatically for broken API’s, install scripts missing, card renewals etc.
  • Fixed a throttling issue where MailChimp submissions returned a “too many requests” for busier stores
  • Patch for Xero app UI problem when saving a tax rule



Release Notes

7.2.02 was just another minor group of fixes to follow-up the 7.2 launch.


  • Added documentation and product changes link inside the admin UI
  • Misc. Shopify billing and documentation updates in preparation to being a public app



Release Notes

7.2.01 was a minor cleanup release for the 7.2 launch.


  • Modified how billing chart is displayed for higher volume stores
  • Added a download, edit and delete icon inside a created segment
  • Various UI improvements


  • Added a global check to delete any duplicate workflow messages that may have been queued up.
  • Added a API “refresher” for 3dCart connections. In some cases the API lost connection if we didn’t call it enough.



Release Notes

In 7.2, we innocently started out with the simple goal of optimizing our platform and adding some new features. Unfortunately, Shopify changed how they dealt with “private” vs. “public” apps midway through our release schedule. Vextras had been a “private” app, but new changes at Shopify prohibited us from being found and installed if we remained that way. As a result, we had to “go public, ” and things took much longer than we expected. Over the last six months, 7.2 turned into massive maintenance release for us.

Not all bad things came out of the delays. We were able to solve some nagging optimization issues and implemented new controls to help us release faster and smarter. We were also able to add a vital piece to our customer metrics initiatives – segmenting. Our new segmenting tool allows store owners to identify customers on virtually any type of transaction criteria. This is an exciting next step for us, and there’s much more to come because of it. Lastly, we’ve simplified our billing system. Now, you just pay for the number of orders that flow through your store on a monthly basis. We’ve done away with all the confusing plans and “auto-scaling” overages.


New Features

  • Added new customer segmenting capabilities
  • Streamlined billing model based on order usage
  • Shopify is now a public app and also uses their internal billing system


  • Changed default delay on abandoned carts to 6 hours instead of 2 days
  • Default customer segments set to “Amazon, New, Ordered within 60 Days and VIP.”
  • Set “Don’t Repeat” to 1 week on abandoned carts
  • Removed ‘Plans’ page from admin UI and merged it with the existing ‘Billing’ page where it shows usage costs, receipts, etc.
  • Added a new monthly chart to show customer activity with orders and messages sent.
  • Added support of legacy billing plans and the ability to change to our new billing model
  • Changed how logs download. Now they’ll be emailed when they are requested.
  • Added a new “Segment” card to the ‘Add New’ page
  • Added a feature to set a default store view on login if there are multiple stores in an account.
  • Added “Orders Today” to store dashboard metrics
  • Added support for system notifications that alert our users when there are account or store problems
  • Various content and UI/UX enhancements


  • Fixed various navigation caching bugs
  • Fixed dashboard stat indicators for increase and decrease
  • Fixed timeout errors with downloading large log files
  • Fixed several bugs related to Xero OAuth
  • Fixed image paths for product variations in Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Fixed WooCommerce API bug where connections could drop off
  • Fixed a Xero bug in situations where there was a coupon and sales tax included on an order
  • Patched linkage to SKU’s in cases instances where it was missing in the order detail screen
  • Fixed linkage to UPS tracking on order details, it was returning a 404.
  • Fixed issue where order detail timelines weren’t showing correct events with workflows
  • Fixed isolated issue with Volusion stores not syncing correctly



Release Notes

In 7.1, we’re pleased to announce our new Shopify integration along with dozens of other updates.



  • Added Shopify to our portfolio of supported shopping carts.
  • A new timeline feature is now displayed in the order details area. Visualize what apps, workflows and other order lifecycle events take place. You can also resubmit app events as needed.


  • Highrise, Groove and Slack apps are now compatible with Shopify.


  • All workflow rule types are compatible with Shopify.
  • Updated the boilerplate template designs to allows for easier color changes and larger logos. The previous boilerplate templates had images on the header and footer which were too difficult to customize.
  • You can now CC an email address on every workflow message.

Other Updates

  • Added support for Street2 values on WooCommerce orders
  • Added support to add tracking numbers and ship orders for Bigcommerce, Shopify and 3dcart
  • Added Pinterest, Instagram, Blogger merge variables. These values can be found in the universal merge variables.
  • New resubmit app feature in the order event timeline.
  • On install of any Bigcommerce or Shopify store, a historical order sync will happen automatically. This is only done with Bigcommerce and Shopify installs since they don’t charge any overages for bandwidth.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the datepicker bug with the “First_Order_Date” merge variable in the custom workflow builder.
  • Patched issue with the *|store_url|* link on Bigcommerce workflow templates not being clickable.
  • Fixed bug where workflow tab was showing in the navigation menu when there wasn’t any workflows active.
  • Removed discounts from ecommerce submissions to MailChimp.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t save a workflow rule for 12 months.


Released 2/21/17

Release Notes

We added a historical order sync feature for each e-commerce provider we support. When activated, our system will sync previous order, customer and product data from your store – prior to Vextras being connected. This is useful to populate customer stats and visualize purchase behavior. If you would like to push any of this information to a connected app(s), please contact us.

  • Historical order sync feature – activate under your store’s dashboard > settings.
  • Tweaked order view to show all orders at one time instead of being fixed on a seven day interval


Released 2/7/17

Release Notes

7.0 was a major release with a strong emphasis on in improving our workflows and adding customer metrics.



  • Mandrill is no longer required to send workflow messages.
  • There’s a new customer details area, which will display historical order data, average sale prices, purchase frequency, number of unique products purchased and workflow conversion stats.
  • We now have auto-scale pricing capability with our subscription plans.


  • We removed Mandrill as an official app, but existing users will still be able to send workflow messages as normal. If you want to change to our sending engine instead of Mandrill, simply toggle this setting in the ‘Workflow’ > ‘Settings’ area.
  • We also removed Google Analytics as an official app since it’s only used to populate high level metrics in your dashboard. However, you’ll still be able to activate and visualize key stats in your dashboard just like you did before.
  • Enhanced Slack notifications for when certain app or workflow events happen (or don’t happen).
  • Removed Zapier hooks from our legacy system that was retired on 12/21/16.
  • Fixed a bug with Xero discounts not being carried over for Bigcommerce and 3dcart shopping carts.


  • New workflow type – Invoices.
  • Added new categories for workflows, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Transactional’.
  • See “live carts” for abandoned cart workflows
  • Use any type of duration for test mode messages (before it was limited to just minutes).
  • Visualize workflow unsubscribes, bounces, etc. in our new Suppressions area.
  • Updated workflow templates with capability to render store information (i.e. name, address, logo, url and social links).

Other Updates

  • Added the capability for webhooks.
  • Added search capability to our orders and customers area.
  • Improved how 3dcart handles product variations in the orders area.
  • Fixed bug with 3dcart not populating images on product variations.
  • Fixed linkage with Bigcommerce review URL’s in Product Review workflows so it actually goes to the product page.
  • Hundreds of UI/UX enhancements.
  • Overhauled our WooCommerce plugin to make installation much simpler. We did away with all the key copying which was a little confusing.
  • Control the opt-in box location for WooCommerce stores.
  • WooCommerce can now click back to a cart on any device, not just the original source of where an abandoned cart originated.
  • Enabled hack to turn off all WooCommerce notifications if you’d prefer to use our workflows for notifications instead.
  • Improved responsiveness on smaller screens, but we know we’ve still got some work to do.
  • Official retirement of our legacy app.


Released 9/20/16

Release Notes

In, 6.2.3 we focused mainly on upgrading our abandoned cart workflows. We injected new functionality that allows more control over when and why messages are sent. Now, you can send these reminders to new customers and/or have them go out on limited intervals. This was built with your feedback and use case scenarios – thank you!

New Features
  • Advanced abandoned cart settings – trigger abandoned cart messages to new customers only, and/or limit how often notifications go out i.e. once a day, week or month
Minor Tweaks
  • 3dcart connections now require a “secure URL”. This allows our system to communicate properly with their platform. The secure URL can be found in your 3dcart admin area – Settings -> General -> Store Settings -> Secure URL.
  • When sending test messages from our workflows, you’ll see the string of [TEST] in the subject line
Bug Fixes
  • Patched the Y or N merge variable on 3dcart submissions to a MailChimp list
  • Fixed Xero tax wizard size, it was ginormous


Released 9/6/16

Release Notes

In 6.2.2, we did some cleanup from our previous release. Most all updates were under the hood and some minor visual changes.

New Features
  • We updated the Bigcommerce subscriber opt-in process for our MailChimp app. Before it wasn’t very clean with how their API was setup. For example, we could only “send all” customers to a MailChimp list or only send those who had a “registered customer account” – we had no idea if the customer actually wanted to be a subscriber or not, which wasn’t cool. Now we do, and you now have the option to only send those who specifically opt-in to your connected MailChimp list. Please note, if you previously had a setting for sending those who have a registered account, that will now automatically change to “Send if Newsletter Subscriber is Checked”.
Minor Tweaks
  • WooCommerce customer order notes will now feed into Highrise
  • Removed verbiage in the app aligned to MailChimp’s deprecated “ecommerce360” data set. This is now simply known as ecommerce data in MailChimp.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with first-time buyer workflows where a message was triggering on the second order.


Released 8/23/16

Release Notes

6.2.1 was a challenging release for us where we integrated MailChimp’s 3.0 API, amped up some of our workflow features and cleaned up a few features that had been on our to-do list. The 3.0 upgrade was tough, but completely necessary to weave in features that our users have been asking for.

New Features
  • Vextras is now compatible with MailChimp’s 3.0 API – improved ecommerce segmenting and reporting, product recommendations and all the features you’ve become accustomed to with campaign tracking and purchase data from your customers.
  • Next, we updated the starter templates for workflows – our first set of templates were a good MVP, but we needed to do better. We engaged our friends at to help us craft some beautiful, responsive templates for every occasion. Best of all, if you need to customize to your branding it’s only a few lines of code to modify.
  • We added a new sending filter on custom workflows to only “send to” a certain email. This is great for internal notifications to staff or in situations where you need to send information to your drop-shippers/suppliers.
Minor Tweaks
  • We put in an inline CSS toggle for all messages sent through Mandrill (which sends our workflow messages). This is a must for making sure emails show up correctly in Gmail.
  • When you add a workflow now, we only allow relevant templates on workflow drop-down. In other words, if you choose abandoned carts, it won’t show those for customer rewards.
  • Instead of making a mystery out of what should be put for a to/from and subject line, we’re not putting in the basics for every workflow type to get you going in no time.
  • Added support for minute triggers on custom and product trigger workflows
  • You can now copy rules in the rule grid instead of creating them from scratch…why didn’t we have that since day one?
  • Added an “order feed filter” for BigCommerce, 3dCart, WooCommerce that gives you an option to only trigger after an order is shipped (default is real-time).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem related to international currencies showing correctly in the order details.
  • Removed conversion data from the workflow dashboard(s) if an order was later cancelled.


Released 7/20/16

Release Notes

6.2 was a big release for us in an effort to bring you more insight into your customers and overall business activities.

New Features
  • New orders and order details area – when you click an individual order ID, you’ll now see a quick overview of the customer, how many times they’ve ordered and a map of their shipping location.
  • Add tracking information on workflow messages (Volusion stores only) – Volusion customers can now add in tracking information and provide shipping details in a workflow message to your customers. Use the new universal *|shipment_tracking|* merge var in your workflow template to populate this information.
Minor Tweaks
  • Control Slack notifications – toggle which events are broadcast for apps, orders, and workflows
  • Automatic WooCommerce plugin updates – notifications for our Woo users when there’s a plugin update. First, you’ll want to download the latest plugin from your store’s connection area to initiate.
  • Order feed filters for situations where you only want order data to be sent when an order is “Shipped” or “Completed”. Right now, this is only available for Volusion stores.
  • Added automatic Google Analytics UTM tracking to all workflows
  • UI/UX improvements – we moved around a few menu items and made minor cosmetic updates.
Bug Fixes
  • Updated review merge var *|item_review_url|* to go to actual review page, and not the product page
  • Fixed a rare error when trying to get a product count for 3dcart stores
  • Fixed UI glitch for Volusion stores when API URL’s were broken to actually show that things were broken and not connected
  • Fixed save issue on delay times when going from test mode to live on workflows
  • Corrected invalid JSON error when calling Groove
  • Fixed issue where *|order_api_SalesTax|* and *|item_tax|* weren’t populating for 3dcart workflow messages


Released 6/13/16

Release Notes

In 6.1.5 we focused on fine tuning a few things with our app, most notably with how the MailChimp integration works for Volusion store owners.

New Features
  • Volusion category mappings for Mailchimp are now live. Currently, Volusion does not support product categories in their API. This advanced mapping selection will allow you to pass other API values to MailChimp for the product category. By default, we use the Product Manufacturer but feel free to change this to anything you like.
  • If you operate a Volusion store, you can now trigger messages based on the new “product_QtyOnBackOrder” merge variable (Custom Workflows). This is perfect for folks who want to send a specific message about a particular product being back ordered.
  • Removed beta for Buy One Get One (BOGO) on Customer Reward workflows
  • Fine tuned customer review link on Review Workflows for Volusion stores. The link now goes to the actual review page and not the product page.
  • Workflows are now available for every subscription plan. Previously, this was only available for the “Startup” plan and above.
Bug Fixes
  • Miscellaneous cosmetic fixes to drop-downs in the custom workflows area
  • Fixed issue in dashboard where commas were missing in some values
  • The main dashboard and all workflows now reflect local currency
  • Fixed issue where purchase descriptions weren’t feeding correctly in Xero


Released 5/8/16

Release Notes

We spent most of our time in 6.1.4 fine tuning various parts of our platform, in other words, bug fixes.

New Features
  • Dynamic MailChimp opt-in toggle for WooCommerce
    • “Send All” – if you have this sending filter selected, the opt-in toggle will not show up at checkout. All customers will be sent to your MailChimp list, but we highly recommend sending a double opt-in message to prevent SPAM complaints.
    • “Send If Newsletter Subscriber Is Checked” – if you only want those subscribers who specifically opt-in on your MailChimp list, a toggle will be visible at checkout.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where users could go past 24 hours in workflows that allow hours
  • Allowed non-https url paths from Groove links
  • Improved abandoned cart logic – we tweaked how we register and queue abandoned carts. We were still seeing some odd behavior with customers getting abandoned cart emails, even after they had already checked out. We’ve added several new validation scenarios, that should prevent messages from being triggered after a purchase has been made.
  • Fixed issue where we weren’t sending a temporary password on sign-up (doh!)
  • Fixed visuals where install scripts were exceeding the container with in the UI
  • Fixed MailChimp ecommerce 360 timestamps to reflect the local user account timezone


Released 4/13/16

Release Notes

Our 6.1.3 release was primarily focused on back-end improvements, but we also managed to sprinkle in some new features for our workflows.

New Features
  • Added toggle when certain customers receive workflow messages – send all or only those who have opted in
  • Added a new trigger for Customer Reward workflows for a “buy one get one scenario” (beta)
  • Added new filter on Custom workflows for “Customer Has Spent” and “Customer Order Count”
  • Added support for New Zealand and Australia for our Xero app integration (beta)
Minor Tweaks
  • Updated Bigcommerce and MailChimp logos to reflect their current branding
  • Fixed incorrect merge var on Bigcommerce order status template
  • Fixed bug where the image wasn’t pulling with in Bigcommerce stores with products that had variations
  • Fixed bug where blank images showed up in rare situations on WooCommerce stores
  • Made our login screen a little less boring by bringing in random pictures from Unsplash
  • Fixed broken twitter feed on login screen


Released 3/17/16

Release Notes

In 6.1.2, we focused on improving the abandoned carts and workflows. Most specifically, users can now create a series of emails i.e. “drips” to target customers who abandon their shopping carts before they checkout. If a user purchases on one of the drip sequences, we’ll clear out the remaining drips (if there are any), so they don’t trigger again. In addition, we improved the logic with how conversions are awarded on all workflows.

New Features
  • Added abandoned cart “drips” e.g. 1 day, 3 day, 6 days etc.
  • Added export feature on all workflow and app logs
  • Added new workflow templates for all platforms – order status updates, first-time buyer rewards
Minor Tweaks
  • Added support for awarding the last workflow clicked to receive a workflow conversion
  • Fixed bug where typing in a “0” for delay time saved as 30 (doh!)
  • Fixed bug with workflow templates where beginning and ending body/html tags were at the top incorrectly (doh!)
  • Fixed various backend bugs and improved platform performance


Released 3/7/16

Release Notes

In this release, it was a barrage of new features added to our Customer Rewards workflows, and we also took a minute to improve the logic with our abandoned cart triggers.

New Features
  • Added “Total Spent (Average)” reward type
  • Added “Total Spent (One Order)” reward type
  • Added “Product Count Is” reward type
  • Changed up the naming convention for order count reward types, which is now “Order Count Is”
  • Added optional address and postal mapping for Xero invoice feeds. Now you can flip-flop how addresses come over for your contacts
Minor Tweaks
  • We added a few more layers of validation for abandoned carts. For some reason, we’ve had a few rogue emails fire when they shouldn’t, and we weren’t happy about it. You can run, but you can’t hide you few lines unruly code. We’ve added two more areas of validation (on the front-end and back-end) to prevent this from happening.
  • Renamed “Completed” workflow logs to “Sent”


Released 3/3/16

Release Notes

We’d like to welcome the good folks over at WooCommerce to Vextras!

New Features
  • Vextras now integrates with WooCommerce 2.5.3, running WordPress 4.4.2
  • Workflows – we added basic workflow templates for WooCommerce, 3dcart and Bigcommerce so you can get going in no time with workflows
  • Highrise app – you can tag Amazon orders inside of WooCommerce appropriately
  • MailChimp app – we added support for Volusion, 3dcart and WooCommerce checkouts to allow subscribers to be sent over to MailChimp even if they don’t create an account.
  • MailChimp app for (Bigcommerce only) – we put in a new sending filter that allows Bigcommerce stores to either “Send All” or “Send Only Registered Accounts”. Why you ask? Because Bigcommerce’s API doesn’t tell us whether a user is a newsletter subscriber or not. The good news is if a subscriber has previously unsubscribed from your list, they will not be added to MailChimp. We recommend enabling the double opt-in feature to prevent SPAM complaints. Also, another option is to enable the native Bigcommerce MailChimp integration (in tandem with ours) to ensure that only those customers who want to be put on to your list are added. That way, you’re getting ecommerce360 data from ours and subscriber data is accurate from Bigcommerce at checkout.
Minor Tweaks
  • Removed “Subscriber” Merge var for Bigcommerce stores
  • Fixed bug allowing abandoned carts to trigger longer than 14 days
  • Fixed small bug with log grids showing weird data


Released 2/12/16

New Features
  • We added a new setting for “test mode” emails under the Mandrill app. This was a request by users who wanted more control on where messages are sent while testing out a new workflow. The default email that is used will be the account owner, but it can be changed by going to Mandrill > Settings > Test Mode
  • In the logs area of each app and workflow, we added a date range picker so you can see events beyond the current week (default).
Minor Tweaks
  • We drastically improved the speed of our logs pages
  • Refreshed system notifications


Released 2/9/16

New Features
  • Basic workflow templates are now available!
    • Templates include merge variables to render customer and product data
    • Any template may be customized as necessary (color, branding and content)
    • Templates loaded for Abandoned Carts (Volusion only), Customer Retention, General Use, Product Triggers and Product Reviews
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed customer merge variable mapping issues with Bigcommerce
  • Fixed issue where Google Analytics app pulled account ID vs. the name in app overview screen
  • Fixed problem with store dashboards returning the wrong sales metrics