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Cartmojo 8.3 is Live, Here’s What’s New

Kyle Hungate • January 13, 2021

Happy New Year, everyone! To say the least, we’re glad to see the calendar flip over to 2021 after such a challenging year. In these difficult times, we’ve tried to keep our sanity like everyone else and maintain some sense of normalcy, doing the best we can to keep working on improvements here at Cartmojo. Here’s a glance at what we’ve introduced in version 8.3.

Fresh New Email Editor

We’ve revamped our email editor from the ground up. Our old editor was a little hard to work with, and you all deserved something better. Now, build emails quickly with our new drag & drop feature-set. You can quickly work with the templates provided or import your own. You’ll also have more control with images, formatting text, fonts, and adding buttons, to name a few. The new editor will also give you a preview of how things look on smaller viewports like tablets and mobile. We think you’ll love the improved experience over what we’ve had in the past.

What’s coming next

Business Insights
As former online store owners ourselves, it was easy to get inundated with day to day operations. Updating the product catalog, fulfill orders, marketing, ads, manage returns, SEO, etc. – rinse and repeat. It wasn’t always easy to step back and look at analytics or a more high-level view of the business during busier times to see what was working and what wasn’t.

Very soon, we’ll be launching what we’re calling is Business Insights. Our vision for Insights is to be the closest thing to a personal sherpa for your online store. For example, what’s the busiest time of your store? What kind of checkout trends are you seeing on certain date intervals? What are repeat customers buying the most often? These questions (that we’ll give you answers to) are just a small sample of what we’ll introduce very soon. You’ll be able to take actionable advice and use recommended tools that we offer to increase engagement (and hopefully lead to more sales) in your store.

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