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Connect your store to more than 500 web apps that you already use to run your business, automate tasks and get more out of your data.
Vextras Zapier Integration

Make the web work for you

Send your store’s order data to virtually any cloud based service you already use to run your business. No more exporting and importing information to various platforms, set up “zaps” in Zapier and let their platform take care of the rest.

  • Connect your store to Zapier
  • Trigger zaps on new orders and updated statuses
  • Connect with more than a 1,000 cloud apps

Get Started

Superpowers to get your work done

Connect your web store with hundreds of cloud apps & Services

Create cloud workflows

Use our Zapier app to connect your store with everything else going on in your business. Stitch together hundreds of workflows.

Simple setup

Copy your Vextras API key and connect your store to Zapier. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to create your integrations.

Push data in a flash

We process order data in real-time, pushing it to Zapier instantly. All of your connected “zaps” will trigger based any rules you have setup.

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Cloud automation the easy way

“The Zapier integration has enabled us to see our customer’s order history right alongside the latest CRM interactions, just where we need those insights! Now these two systems are married beautifully instead of requiring duplicate lookup.”

— Raphael Neff,