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Generate invoices automatically from your e-commerce store to Xero, and eliminate the manual entry of order details, taxes and inventory.
Vextras Xero Integration

Connect your online store with Xero

Integrate your online shopping cart with Xero accounting software. Send critical sales, tax and inventory data instantly. With our Xero integration, your online sales can now stay in sync with the rest of your business.

  • Connect your store with Xero accounting
  • Create invoices automatically
  • Sync inventory details

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Flexible & powerful tax rules

Automatically create tax accounts on the fly or use mappings that have already been created in Xero. Now, you can reconcile your online sales data with ease.

  • Add unlimited tax rules
  • US, UK, Canada, New Zealand & Australia supported
  • Lookup tax rates on the fly

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Your store’s accounting doesn’t have to suck

Have online transactions flow automatically to your bookkeeping department

Automatic inventory feeds

Our integration delivers inventory item codes, descriptions, chart of accounts, tax rates and pricing for each product sold.

Customer details

We map billing and shipping for your customers on the fly. See transaction history, logs and notes about each client in Xero.

Intelligent invoice updates

When orders are cancelled, our integration automatically deletes draft receivables and voids previously approved invoices.

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E-commmerce accounting simplified

“For us, the Vextras Xero integration is just what the doctor ordered. It saves so much time. We no longer waste time keying in order details and tax rates.”

— Mark B., appalachianmilksoap.com