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Connect your store with MailChimp in less than 60 seconds. Our integration transfers customer and order details to your list in real-time, including campaign tracking, products sold & purchase amounts.
Vextras MailChimp Integration

Market smarter with customer purchase data

Our MailChimp integration is the first of its kind; so powerful you won’t know how you ever did business without it. When orders happen in your store, we’ll send over all the transaction information to MailChimp – including order IDs, products ordered, quantities and prices.

  • Segment and target your customers intelligently
  • Send product recommendation campaigns
  • Create automation workflows that trigger at specific times

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Know what’s working with your email marketing

With our unique conversion tracking technologies, our MailChimp integration allows store owners to see what campaigns triggered customer purchases.

  • See what campaigns or automations were most effective
  • Create new segments based purchase activity
  • Calculate ROIs quickly and easily

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MailChimp eCommerce data

Set it & forget it

Concentrate on growing your business, not data entry

No more spreadsheets

Customer and order details are automatically imported with our integration, eliminating the task of manually importing your data into MailChimp.

Subscriber sync

If a user unsubscribes from a MailChimp campaign or subscribes to your mailing list from another source, we’ll also sync that preference in your store’s customer profile.

e-Commerce updates

If an order ends up canceling or gets returned, we’ll automatically remove the purchase data from your MailChimp list, so information always stays accurate.

Set groups, filters & options

Choose how you want your data to flow into MailChimp from your store. Send double opt-in messages or add subscribers to your mailing list on the fly.

Plays nice with existing data

If you have existing merge tags in a MailChimp list, we won’t overwrite them. We also preserve original sign-up sources and customer details on each data transfer from your e-commerce store to MailChimp.

Sync old order data

Out of the box, our integration only pushes new order details from your web store into MailChimp. If you need to pull order information from a previous time interval, we can provide you with a custom quote.

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“Ohhhh I can't say enough about this app, it's simply awesome. On top of that, the Vextras team is hands down the best group of developers I've ever worked with!”

— Ben W.,