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When orders are placed in your store, our app integration will automatically send customer addresses, order IDs, products sold, transaction amounts & more to your Highrise account.

Vextras Highrise Integration

Stay in the loop

The Vextras Highrise app integration works quietly in the background. When orders take place in your store, details will flow to Highrise in just a few seconds. Also, when order statuses change, we’ll post new notes in Highrise reflecting the update.

  • Connect your store to Highrise CRM
  • Pass in customer and order details
  • Add update notes as order statuses change

Get Started

Keep your team on the same page

Collect, organize & update information on the fly

Set order tags

Set tags for phone, guest/anonymous, Amazon and normal web orders and keep your customer information organized with the rest of your business.

Automatic order updates

We regularly monitor order statuses in your store – when something changes (i.e. “Pending,” “Canceled” etc.), we’ll pass in a note reflecting the update in Highrise.

Connect & walk away

Our Highrise integration works quietly in the background with no manual interaction after set up. When orders take place in your store, information flows to Highrise immediately.

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Simplify communications

“We’re big fans of Highrise CRM and the Vextras integration — both help to keep everything organized and bridge the gap between online and offline orders.”

— Clay D., liveanew.com