Announcing Vextras 8.0: The Most Complete Product Management Solution For Online Retailers Icon

Announcing Vextras 8.0: The Most Complete Product Management Solution For Online Retailers

Kyle Hungate • March 7, 2019

Here at Vextras, we pride ourselves on making steady, efficient progress through our product roadmap, but sometimes we underestimate the scale of some of our endeavors. As we improve and refine, we see opportunities to implement new features we hadn’t initially thought of, and this takes time. However, we feel like the 8.0 update sets an extraordinary foundation for our customers. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve built.

Powerful Product Management Features

Over eight years ago, we founded the company based on a fundamental mission: Give online retailers a better way, via a complete solution comprised of a full suite of tools, and to manage their products.

Everything from generating SEO, descriptions, attributes, pricing, and inventory; we wanted to figure how to take raw data and transform it into something usable on an e-commerce site. Initially, we were simply trying to solve our own problems, and we set out to fix the issues we ran into while operating our own online stores.

As time went by, we found out that we were not alone in these challenges. Conversations with our users bore this truth out over the years. Despite a few piecemeal attempts, no one had a comprehensive solution for managing their products.

In 8.0, we’re excited to finally debut our new product management tools. This release integrates multiple data sources and digests product information in a whole new way. If your store relies on information from various suppliers, drop-shippers or warehouses, this tool is for you.

Map data from virtually any type of data source

To describe how things work from a high level, once data sources are defined, we’ll fetch supplier information through a remote file path, and map data from the source that you have access to (.csv, .xls, .txt). You can then take the mapped (meta) information from these sources and use it across the app to generate product descriptions, URLs and more.

Beyond that, 8.0 makes syncing inventory and setting pricing rules effortless. Think of this feature as a direct connection with your supplier or warehouses. If you’ve relied on cumbersome spreadsheets, homegrown software or other inventive-but-limited ways to manage your products, this is a gamechanger.

Fetch product information from any FTP repository
Mapped data from multiple warehouses you can use for product content
After feeds are fetched, a “winner” is declared based on price and stock status
Add powerful pricing rules based on virtually any API value e.g. manufacturer, price, type, etc.

Currently, our new product management features are limited to stores running WooCommerce and BigCommerce. We do plan on supporting most of our partners in the near future, including Shopify, Volusion, and 3dCart. In the interim, if you’re interested in seeing a demo of our product management piece, reach out and we’ll be happy to set up a time to give you the full tour.

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