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Why thousands of e-commerce retailers depend on Cartmojo to help them run their businesses

Account Dashboard

You’ll never have to wait for an update or waste time searching through countless screens for what should be simple data overviews. Cartmojo puts all your data within your grasp in a single, streamlined interface that’s intuitive. Your customized dashboard allows you to see exactly what you need when you need it.

Vextras Dashboard

Intuitive insights

Track key metrics of your store’s performance at various time intervals.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics

View highlights with top referrals and searches right in your dashboard.

360 degree views of your e-commerce store

360° views

A single dashboard gives you a real-time view of everything that’s happening in your store.


Every app integration we’ve built goes far beyond a typical plugin. From the start, we’ve created powerful, automated connections with the online retailer in mind. Now, you can easily sync information from your e-commerce store with the rest of your business.

Vextras Apps

Powerful integrations

Connect with awesome software like Zapier, MailChimp, and Xero in just a few clicks.

Vextras App Metrics

App metrics

See stats for each app integration. Information is compiled in real-time.

Vextras App Events

Visualize app events

Track events as they happen for each connected app. Get immediate feedback on data feeds.


From a single starting point, you can view information about each of your customers – all in one place. A single click then pulls up a data-rich customer profile that’s automatically generated from their order information, allowing you to delve deeper into each client’s activity and purchase behavior.

Valuable Customer Insights

Valuable customer insights

See historical sales stats, what products are purchased, and even how often customers buy from your store.

Rich Customer Profiles

Rich customer profiles

Profile details are automatically created from order information with links to useful data about your customers.

Vextras Customer Workflow Stats

Customer workflow stats

Gain a unique perspective about your customer’s behavior and see which e-mails convert the best.

Order activity

Visualize sales activity

See detailed transaction history for each customer that’s checked out in your store.

Send direct messages

Send direct messages

Easily reach out to your customers inside any customer profile.

GDPR Vextras

GDPR compliant

Allow customers to modify subscription preferences and control any personal data on file.

Advanced segmentation capabilities

Tired of not being able to segment customers or dealing with limited groupings that do not fit your business? Cartmojo believes your customers are unique – and the manner in which you identify them should be as well.

Customer segmentation

Powerful & simple

Segment customers based on virtually any purchase criteria.

Customer segmentation results

Drive sales, fuel growth

Search criteria are customizable to your unique needs and changing goals.

Customer segmentation logic

Fast and flexible

Easily layer multiple conditions with a few simple clicks.

Order Information

Put information at your fingertips versus hopping back and forth between systems. Our platform gives you quick access to your store’s order data any customer’s previous transaction history.

Add Tracking Information

Tracking information

Update order statuses and add tracking numbers with supported e-commerce platforms.

Vextras Google Maps Integration

Google Maps

Cartmojo integrates with Google Maps to display your customers’ shipping locations.

Order Details

Order details

See information about products ordered and easily access product pages in one-click.

Messaging Workflows

Our messaging workflows have a direct connection with your store’s API, with access to hundreds of customer, product, and order-related merge variables – far more advanced than a traditional e-mail service provider.

E-mail Messaging Workflows

E-mail workflows

Send marketing and transactional e-mails automatically. Trigger abandoned carts, invoices, customer retention messages, and more.

Advanced Rule Settings

Advanced rule logic

Target your customers with precision. Dial-in filters for products ordered, by opt-in preference, and much more, depending on the workflow activated.

White Label

White label sending

Make delivery of any workflow message appear like it’s coming from your store’s domain.

Suppression management

See when and why customers opt-out of your e-mail messaging workflows.

Dynamic data

Personalize any e-mail workflow with hundreds of content variables that are available from your store’s API.

E-mail templates

Design your own HTML templates or use our starter templates to get going in no time.

Google UTM tracking

We automatically apply Google Analytics UTM tracking parameters so that you can keep all of your site’s reporting in sync.

Real-time reporting

Once a workflow triggers, we track everything – sends, opens, clicks, and conversions.

Product photos

Similar to dynamic API content, we’re able to inject product photos on the fly for any workflow.

Other Features



Notify other apps with real-time information. Choose from various order event types and post data to any URL.

Vextras Auto-Scale Pricing

True auto-scale pricing

Never run out of order credits again. We only bill for the orders that you get every 30-days; no overages or thresholds to worry about.


Pay for orders, not customers

Paying for an ever-expanding customer base can get out of control. With Cartmojo, you only pay for monthly order activities.

Free training

If you need help, we’re happy to schedule a call anytime. We also have an extensive docs area that’s available 24/7.

Concierge services

Need direction on where to start with your store’s marketing, custom development, or automation processes? We have several paid options available.

99.98% uptime

We understand how important reliability is to your business. We actively monitor our platform’s vitals to ensure maximum uptime.

SSL encryption

We’ve implemented a state-of-the-art, bank-level security layer that protects all your data.

AWS powered

Cartmojo runs on Amazon Web Services, giving us the ultimate flexibility to scale up with demand anywhere in the world.

No commitment

There are no long-term contracts when you use Cartmojo. Pay as long as you feel our product provides value in building your online business.