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6.2.1 Released – Here’s What’s New

Kyle Hungate • August 24, 2016

Vextras 6.2.1 was a challenging release for us where we integrated MailChimp’s 3.0 API, boosted various workflow features and cleaned up a few things that had been on our to-do list. We’re pretty excited with new updates and hope you are as well. Here’s a quick overview with what happened in 6.2.1.

Now Compatible With MailChimp’s 3.0 API

If you use our MailChimp app integration, we’re now supporting their latest API to submit data to your list when transactions occur. This a big upgrade in which users can now view enhanced reporting and use new tools like product recommendations. We also weaved in important features like campaign tracking, and rich merge tag data. It’s easier than ever to create targeted campaigns and automations to your customer base.

MailChimp 3.0 Ecommerce Reporting

Important Notes
  • If you are still using our legacy system and “Postmaster”, the previous MailChimp API (2.0) is still being used for data feeds. We will not be adding support for the 3.0 API in our legacy system, and users are encouraged to migrate as soon as possible. MailChimp’s 2.0 API will be deprecated on 12/31/16.
  • Automations you already have running in MailChimp should trigger as normal.
  • At this time, MailChimp is not able to include transaction information from the 2.0 API in new campaigns. If you want to create a campaign with past purchase history, please contact us to backfill this data into MailChimp manually – we’re happy to do this at no charge. Also, before this data is brought in, we recommend deleting all active MailChimp automations and re-creating them after the data pull is complete.
New Starter Templates

We updated the starter templates for all of our workflows. The first set of templates were ok, but we needed to do better. We engaged our friends at mailbakery.com to help us craft some beautiful, responsive templates for common occasions. As an added bonus, all are Litmus tested so they should look great in any mail client.

If you need to customize to your branding, there’s only a few lines of code to change. In addition to the design updates, we added a backorder notification (custom workflows) template and invoice template (order update workflows).

Vextras Invoice Screenshot

“Send To” Filter – Custom Workflows

We added a simple, powerful sending filter on custom workflows to only “send to” a certain email. This is great for internal notifications to staff, or in situations where you need to send information to your suppliers. Up until this point customers have always been the recipients of workflow messages, now when the “send to” filter is chosen you can send messages to anyone.

Vextras Send To Filter

Minor Tweaks
  • There’s now an inline CSS toggle for all messages sent through Mandrill (which sends our workflow messages). This is a must for making sure emails show up correctly in Gmail.
  • Now when you add a workflow, we only show relevant templates on workflow drop-down. In other words, if you choose abandoned carts, only the abandoned cart templates (along with any of your own custom templates) will be displayed from the drop-down.
  • We made it easier to get going in our rule builder by putting in the basics for every workflow type i.e. from name, email and subject line starters
  • Added support for minute triggers on custom and product trigger workflows
  • You can now copy rules in the rule grid instead of creating them from scratch
  • Added an “order feed filter” for BigCommerce, 3dCart, WooCommerce that gives you an option to only trigger after an order is shipped (default is real-time).

We hope you enjoy the new updates, keep all the great feedback coming and happy selling!

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