Connect Volusion to Xero Accounting

Take the hassle out of doing your Volusion store’s accounting with Kiwi. Create invoices automatically from your store to Xero, and cut out the manual entry of order details. Kiwi delivers real-time information on web orders including products sold, quantities and tax collected.

  • Currently in public beta*
  • Generate new sales invoices in real-time
  • Create tax rates on the fly, or map existing ones for your locale
  • Easily update inventory information in Xero with each sale

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Easy Reconciliation

Connect the Web to Your Bookkeeping Department

Xero Invoice

Streamlined Accounting With Kiwi

Kiwi by VextrasIntegrate Volusion with Xero and send critical sales, tax and inventory data instantly. With Kiwi, your online sales can now stay in sync with the rest of your business.

Beautiful Accounting Software

Xero ChannelXero is an easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses. It’s all online, so you can work when and where you want to. Bank statements are automatically imported and categorized, letting you see your cash flow in real­-time. Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.


Automate Your Books

Accounting Doesn’t Have To Be a Drag


Flexible & Powerful Tax Rules

Kiwi can automatically create tax accounts for you, or follow mappings that have already been created in Xero. Easily reconcile your Volusion sales data like never before.

Safe & Secure Connection

Kiwi is a direct link from Volusion to Xero. During setup of the app, the latest SSL and oAuth standards are used from both providers to create a secure connection.

Simple Setup

Add Kiwi functionality to your store and setup the required chart of accounts and tax rules. Once everything is configured, information will flow freely from Volusion to Xero.

Kiwi Automatic Tax

Kiwi Automatic Tax

Automatic Inventory Feeds

As your Volusion inventory changes, Kiwi has the ability to automatically update Xero on-demand. It can deliver item codes, descriptions, chart of accounts, tax rates and pricing for each product sold.

Customer Management

Kiwi automatically maps the billing and shipping information on each order to your customer records. View transaction history, logs and notes about each client in Xero.

Intelligent Invoice Updates

Along with creating new invoices when new orders happen, Kiwi automatically deletes draft receivables and voids already approved invoices if a cancellation occurs in your Volusion store.


Accurate Tax Components

Kiwi itemizes each tax component collected on a transaction in Xero. If applicable, state, local and municipal amounts will be viewable on new invoices and sales tax reports.

Customized Inventory Rules

Have complete control with how products are aligned to a specific chart of accounts and tax rate. Go beyond the defaults and make the reporting functionality in Xero much more accurate.

Bookkeeping Your Way

Control default invoice statuses, due dates, map existing tax rules, manage inventory plus much more. Automate with Kiwi and simplify your Volusion store’s accounting.

Kiwi Itemized Taxes


Kiwi Resources

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Take the hassle out of doing your Volusion store’s accounting

*An account is required with us while the Kiwi app is in public beta. This integration will not count against the number of apps available with your subscription, but it will be limited by the number of orders used in your plan.